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The October issue of AccessWorld <http://www.afb.org/accessworld>  is
now available on our website.
This issue features:

*	Editor's Page: AccessWorld Recognizes Disability Employment
Awareness Month <http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw131001>
*	2012 Employment Resources for People Who Are Blind or Visually
Impaired, by Joe Strechay
National Disability Employment Awareness Month kicks off with some
uplifting information about employment for people with disabilities.
*	The Impact of the Popular Media on Public Perception of People
with Disabilities, by Joe Strechay
More than ever before, people with disabilities are valued and included
members of society. This is due, in part, to portrayals of people with
disabilities, including those with vision loss, in the popular media.
*	An Evaluation of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Using the Nexus 7, by
J.J. Meddaugh <http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw131004>
While not perfect, Android 4.1 has taken some major strides toward a
complete accessibility solution.
*	ZoomText Reinventing Itself: A Review of ZoomText 10 and Its New
Features, by John Rempel
ZoomText 10 has moved far beyond previous versions, particularly when it
comes to user friendliness.
*	What's on this Page: A Review of the SayText, Prizmo, and
TextDetective iOS Reading Apps, by Janet Ingber
Users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, etc.) now have several
choices for OCR apps.
*	Fahrenheit 508: Why Current Federal Tech Access Policy is in
Ashes, by Mark Richert, Esq.
The AFB Public Policy Director reviews a recent Justice Department
report assessing implementation of Section 508, critiques its stark
findings, and recommends next steps.
*	Accessible Television for the Visually Impaired: Is It Only for
the United Kingdom?, by Deborah Kendrick
Television access in the US has a ways to go to catch up with the UK.
*	The AFB Small Visual Display Project: Contrast Sensitivity, by
William Reuschel and Kristin Reuschel
Contrast sensitivity, or the level of contrast required for a person to
perceive a change in an image, is an issue that affects everyone with
any vision.
*	AccessWorld News
*	Letters to the Editor

A Special Announcement for Readers of AccessWorld

AccessWorld readers should note that the forthcoming issue of the
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB) will focus solely on
technology. Edited by Jim Fruchterman and Donna McNear, the extra-long
issue features a thought- provoking interview with technology guru
George Kerscher, as well as numerous research and practice articles and
features on every aspect of technology and people with visual

In addition, a special online event that coincides with the issue's
launch will allow JVIB readers to use the
comment-on-this-article-feature in JVIB Online to ask questions of and
engage in discussion with the guest editors and other readers. The event
is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the October-November issue,
in the week of October 15th.

The Special Issue on Technology was organized in direct response to
readers' expressed interest in this critical topic. We encourage
AccessWorld readers to join in the conversation about this important
topic by participating in this online event. We hope you will visit
JVIB.org <http://www.jvib.org>  during the week of October 15th to let
your voice be heard and have your questions answered.

The special issue will be available online for all JVIB subscribers.
Nonsubscribers can purchase the issue from the AFB Press Bookstore
<http://www.jvib.org> : the print edition will cost $25, and the e-book
version will cost $15.

JVIB expresses its gratitude to Humanware for its support of the 2012
JVIB Special Issue on Technology.

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