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Hi Melanie!!!


Go to the Main Menu 'Subscriber's Control Panel' Options under the 0 on the
telephone keypad and choose the #5 for 'Create My Newspaper0 and follow the
prompts. "Try it, you'll like it!" Smiles John g. 


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Once again I sent the message below to the TAD list rather than the NFBK
list. I really must slow down I suppose! Sorry for the repeat posting that
some of you may receive.



PS, does anyone know how to set up the MY NEWSLINE feature (I think that's
what it's called) - where you can take parts from various papers at make one
customized paper of your own? I have been looking around, but so far I can't
seem to find how to do it.


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Hello NFBK,

I wanted to alert you all to a very interesting article I read via NEWSLINE
in the October issue of the Braille Monitor this morning. The article is
titled Cupboard Essentials for a Diabetes Diet by Madeline Van, MPH. This
article is very useful for just about anyone trying to live a more healthy
lifestyle, not just those who have diabetes. It lists many staple items one
should keep on hand for quick and easy snacks and meals. I liked this
article a lot, because it gave practical suggestions, rather than the
typical message of buying fresh, organic foods only. Sometimes fresh and
organic are not readily available or they are outside the price range of
many. This article lists items such as canned beans, canned vegetables,
canned fruits (packed in their own juices), various vinegars, whole grain
foods like brown rice and barley. In my public health program these are some
of the things that we learn - not just how to eat and live more healthy, but
how to find resources that are affordable and accessible. I was going to
have the article sent to me by email (as I so often do with interesting
articles I read on NEWSLINE), but I'm not sure that is permissible. Also, if
I were to pass on the article you'd not have much reason to use NEWSLINE to
find it yourself! I'm a vehement advocate for NEWSLINE and encourage
everyone on this list to get it and use it often!




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