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Subject: Reminder for Today's Free Training Webinar: Strategies for
navigating and interacting with complex web pages using Window-Eyes - Part 3

This message serves as your friendly reminder that today's free training
webinar will begin promptly at 2 PM EDT. All of the details you will need to
participate can be found below.

Many if not all of the financial, shopping, educational and work related
tasks we need to complete in our daily lives can now be performed online.
Therefore, having the skills to successfully access modern and dynamic web
pages will be an essential part of being able to fully participate in
society. To help our customers achieve this goal, Ai Squared has been
presenting a series of free online trainings focused on navigating and
interacting with complex web pages using Window-Eyes.

In part three of the series, tips and strategies will be provided for
downloading various types of files from web pages. Demonstrations of real
world tasks on popular websites such as Adobe.com, IRS.gov and Ninite.com
will be used to help reinforce key Window-Eyes features and web browser
concepts. Internet Explorer and Firefox will both be used to help highlight
the similarities and differences in the download experience.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a beginner to Window-Eyes, our hope
is that Ai Squared's online training webinars will enhance your Window-Eyes
skill set and provide you with the helpful information you need to be more
productive and successful on your computer.

The training webinar will take place on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 2 P.M.
Eastern Time (19:00 UTC or 18:00 UTC during DST) and will last approximately
one hour in length.
To access the webinar, go to http://www.aisquared.com/meeting. Your username
will be your first and last name. The password field should be left blank.
You do not have to register for the training. Please arrive early as there
is a limited amount of participants for each webinar, and access to the
meeting room is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

There will be a corresponding study guide worksheet and answer key made
available prior to the webinar that participants can download from the
webinar training archive.
Please review Knowledge Base Article 2056 to learn more about participating
in a Window-Eyes Webinar with Talking Communities. If you need help
accessing the meeting room, please call Talking Communities support at (262)
456-5911 or visit their support webpage at

The webinar will be recorded and made available for download from the Ai
Squared webinar training archive currently located at

If you have specific questions regarding this online training webinar or
have suggestions for future webinar topics, please contact Marc Solomon via
email at msolomon at aisquared dot com.

Kind Regards,
The Ai Squared Team

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