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365 Days with Disability

365 Days with Disability is an exciting new Instagram-based project that seeks to capture lives with disability, one day and photo at a time, beginning January 1, 2016. 
The Way it Works: 
If you have a disability or are an ally of the disabled community and want to participate, simply upload a photo that you want to share of your life and hashtag it #365dayswithdisability on Instagram. 
All photos that have been hashtagged #365dayswithdisability will automatically be added to the project. 
In anticipation of some questions that might be asked: 
What’s the point of this?
the point of this is to slices of our lives that are lived with a disability. The point is to cross-connect, to show each other and the world what living with a disability is really like. No more and no less amazing than lives without a disability and yet disability can often allow us to experience the world in a particular way.
This project is spearheaded by Meriah Nichols of Two Thirds of the Planet (http://www.twothirdsoftheplanet.com) and Alice Wong of The Disability Visibility Project (http://www.disabilityvisibilityproject.com), both of whom are activists with disabilities.
It is about us and it is by us 
Do the photos have to be of something special or something in particular? 
Nope! It’s your call. Photos can be of your coffee, a selfie, your child, your view in the morning, your pet, your commute, the book you are reading – whatever you want. The point of this project is to show both how “NORMAL” our days are, and how “EXCEPTIONAL” they are as well. It’s to show the diversity of our lives. 
How about adding photo descriptions? 
Photo descriptions are descriptions of what the photo is about. This helps make photos more accessible for all. It’s not a rule of this project that photos be described (because there is no way to enforce it), but in the interest of including all (just as we all want to be included), PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR PHOTO 
What happens when a photo is added to the project?
it will be a part of the carousel and slideshow on Two Thirds of the Planet. Photos will be featured on both the website and the @365dayswithdisability Instagram account
Do I need to watermark my photos?
you can add a watermark if you want. There are easy ways to add a watermark on your mobile device using watermark apps, and you can also watermark using picasa or picmonkey.
 I have more questions: who do I contact?Email us at twothirdsoftheplanet at gmail.com or visit facebook.com/twothirdsoftheplanet 
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