[Nfbk] TARC3 Rider Alert!

Nickie Pearl njp at twc.com
Sat May 21 22:20:19 UTC 2016

Good afternoon!

    Yesterday, while attempting to schedule a TARC3 ride for me, Kevin was told I could not schedule any rides until my outstanding balance was paid. The reservationist stated I had 5 unpaid fares since October & my ride privileges were suspended.  Being the level headed, quick thinking husband he is, Kevin proceeded to tell the gentleman this information was not true & asked for dates, locations of pick up & drop offs of these alleged no fare rides.   In fact the addresses were places I frequent.  The reservationist allowed Kevin to schedule a ride for me & gave me a 10 day grace period to get the balance paid.  Kevin also requested a list of the trips they say were unpaid. 

    Now, the reason I am writing, is to assure you that I have always paid my fares & 98% of the time I pay with a TARC3 ticket.  Obviously, I have no way to prove that I pay, other than my word!  We did mail in a check to TARC for the 5 fares they say were unpaid. Once again, just because I have no way to prove I paid at the time of my ride. I did call & filed a formal complaint over this matter.  I encourage you to call the reservation line & ask them to check on your unpaid fare status.  I have a fear that some of the drivers are being dishonest. Yes, I know, I have no way to prove this either!  The driver used to enter the fare received on their computer terminal. Whether it was cash, ticket, UofL pass, Metro pass etc.  I’m not sure if it’s the same or not these days, but I will for sure be finding out!
    The driver we had today, which was a Yellow Cab driver & one who has been around for awhile & knows a lot of us very well said he has heard more & more of this same thing from other passengers.  He stated one ladies solution was to have the drivers sign a receipt that she created!  I may have to start doing this!

  Just be aware & proactive!
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