[Nfbk] Convention Friday night Activities;

George Stokes george4581 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 22:29:39 UTC 2016

Hello There,


It's always fun to get reacquainted each year at Convention.  This year we
will try a little dancing, silent auctioning, snacking and having fun with
sound effects.  Does certain sounds make you think of a funny story or
happening?  We'll try a few, and you can make up a very short story using
those sound effects. 


Also added to our fun will be all the opportunities for fund-raiser ticket
sales, including NFB Frankfort's $400 Walmart card; one chance for $5 or
three for $10.  Think you could spend $400 at Walmart?


The Greater Louisville Chapter and our Frankfort Chapter are looking forward
to seeing you on Friday evening, September 30!



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