[Nfbk] NFB Kentucky Cardinal Winter 2017 Edition Now Available

Todd E. Stephens todde.stephens at windstream.net
Wed Mar 8 16:30:33 UTC 2017

Good Morning, Everyone:


The Kentucky Cardinal Winter 2017 is now available to you! I must say that
Lora and I very much enjoyed reading your creative masterpieces for this
Winter 2017 edition. Thanks to all members of NFBK who contributed to this
edition to make it an outstanding read. Please find the NFB Kentucky
Cardinal Word document attached in this email. 


There are other ways of accessing the Kentucky Cardinal. it is also
available on the NFB Kentucky website at: http://www.nfbofky.org/kcard.php.
Last, but not least, you may find on NFB-NEWSLINE.

For telephone access: off of the main menu, press 2 (State's Information
Channel), 4 (Kentucky Information Channel), and 25 (NFB Kentucky Cardinal). 

For iOS access: tap on: Publications, Publication Options, Kentucky Info,
Kentucky Information Channel, and NFB Kentucky Cardinal.

For web access: go to www.nfbnewslineonline.org, click on the Login link,
enter your six and four digit codes, respectively in edit fields, tab down
to  log in and press enter. Select the following links: Web News on Demand,
Information Specific to Kentucky, Kentucky Information Channel, and NFB
Kentucky Cardinal.


We look forward to your feedback on this latest edition!





Lora and Todd

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