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Thank you for your comment, Rick. We really appreciate you as a subscriber!






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There are so many ways to get material from NewsLine. I really like the app,
and I read some materials in braille from Bookshare.


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Good Evening,


I wanted to encourage all of you, especially Cats fans to get your sports
fix by reading the Cats Pause magazine. We are really privileged to have
this publication on NFB-NEWSLINE. This is a paid subscription for anyone who
does not qualify under a print disability for the NFB-NEWSLINE audio reading
service. Darrell Bird and his staff cover the whole gamut in sports,
including recruiting! Don't miss out on this wonderful publication.


For touch tone access: off of the main menu, press 3(State Newspapers) and 4
(Cats Pause).

Accessing via iOS App: Tap or double tap on Publications, Publication
Options, Kentucky Newspapers and Cats Pause.

For web access: Go to  www.nfbnewslineonline.org. Click on the Login link,
enter your six and four digit codes, respectively and go to Web News on
Demand, Publications Specific to Kentucky and then, Cats Pause.


If you live in Kentucky, have a print impairment and have not signed up for
NFB-NEWSLINER, today could be your lucky day! This is a free audio reading
service for the print impaired, and it's available 24-7. We would be happy
to get you signed up, with immediate access to your codes and thus,
immediate access to NFB-NEWSLINE. Call us on the toll free number at
1-877-410-4008 or call me directly at (859) 433-5023.


Best Regards,




Todd E. Stephens, State Coordinator and Project manager


Cell: (859) 433-5023

Toll Free: (877) 410-4008

Fax: (502) 389-4838

Email: ToddE.Stephens at windstream.net

Website: http://www.nfbnewsline-ky.org


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