[Nfbk] A true story

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 14:56:08 UTC 2018

True story:    As I sit on the plane, I talk w/ an autistic little
girl who has braces on both of her legs.  Yet she kept saying hello to
me and telling her mom that I was her Spanish Teacher, Ms. Cindy, from
somewhere near here in Detroit.  She introduced me several times to
her bear that was named Kindness.  I couldn’t help but notice how kind
the mother was to her daughter.  She redirected her several times,
kept telling her to hold her voice down, and held her hand on take-off
& landing.  Once we reached the gate, the mother quickly grabbed their
things and tried to get her to the front.  However, they only got a
few rows forward.  Everyone could hear the mother say “Hold on to
Kindness.   Hold on to Kindness.” And would help the girl hug the
bear.  Naturally my tender heart wanted to cry out to everyone on the
plane...”Did you hear what she said?  Hold on to Kindness!”   I
thought how appropriate.
There may have been some annoyed by the little girl talking the whole
flight or some may have been shy when the girl wanted to hug them or
high-5 them.  Even the gate operator named Rebekah in State College,
PA got a hug and then a small kiss on the arm from this little girl.
Yet the joy this little girl made me think of our world and how we all
 I talked with the mom coming up the ramp off the plane and told her
what a great job she’s doing w/ her daughter.  She made several
remarks and I told her I knew it had to be tiring, but thanked her for
being consistent (the teacher part of me came out).  She then told me
the little girl was going to have surgery on her legs to correct them.
But then she told me how she (the mom) is battling brain cancer and
how exhausting her treatments are.  My heart sank. I assured her that
she would be in my continual thoughts and prayers and how she and her
daughter taught everyone a lesson today...... “Hold on to
Kindness......you never know what another person is going thru.”
[this is a true story: Janujustary 3,2018: flight left State College,
PA @ 1:45 pm to Detroit, MI].  I’d love for this story to circulate so
we can  #1. Pray for both the mom & daughter, they need miracles to
occur.     #2  Always carry in our hearts & minds to “Hold onto

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