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I’m sure that all of you are tired of downloading apps from the App Store only to find out that they are in accessible with voiceover. I may have found a way to fix this.
First, any application you have downloaded in the past that was inaccessible and that you removed, go back to the App Store and give it a one star.
Second, if you still have any of these apps that are partially accessible then do the same thing as above. When you leave one starter make sure that you put the title in all capital letters and I would suggest adding something about accessibility, inaccessibility or something of that nature.

You may want to add in that they are potentially breaking a federal law and the Americans with disabilities act by not providing their service to us. For the best results, update your review every single time that they update the app to the latest version. That will bring your review to the very top and have the highest chance of it getting noticed by developer.
The last thing that you can do is this. When you go to the app on the App Store you should see an option to contact the developer directly. Basically do the exact same as above and tell them that you would like to be notified when the changes are made and that their application is now abiding by the regulations set forth in the Americans with disabilities act.

Over the past month I have contacted dozens of large companies, including six financial institutions, my personal security system and other applications I will be using for my Real Estate. You can see my progress below and if any of you have any questions then feel free to ask me. Hopefully we can join together and make the App Store accessible as it should have been already! 😁

Reece O'Bryan 

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> "Reece O'Bryan, we agree 100% and are currently working on a version of the app that will abide by all ADA standards. Thank you so much for being passionate about this. We apologize for the difficulties and hope you will give us another try when the updates are completed."
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