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On behalf of NFB of Kentucky State President, Cathy Jackson:


Presiden's Update

August 2019


It's All about Convention

Our National Federation of the Blind convention has come and gone.  I'm
proud to say that it was an outstanding convention! We registered 39 people
from Kentucky. This is more people than we have registered in the past few
years. The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort was a huge hotel to navigate, but I
think we all did a pretty good job of learning our way around. The final
registration numbers for the 2019 NFB convention capped off at 3,284. We
didn't quite break our record, but there's always next year. Our 2020
convention will be held in Houston, Texas. If you are like me, you are
already looking forward to what is in store.   

The plans for our National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky state
convention are coming along quite nicely. Just in case you have forgotten
the dates for the 2019 convention, it will be the weekend of September 20th
through the 22nd. I am pleased to tell you we will once again be in
Louisville at the Hilton Garden Inn Northeast, 9850 Park Plaza Ave.,
Louisville 40241. You're free to start making reservations right now. Just
call, 502-423-0018. Be sure to tell the customer service representative that
you are with the NFB of Kentucky. Room rates are $135 per night, per room,
plus tax. The total cost of a room with taxes will be $156.60. Members who
have paid their dues by August 1st and preregister by Sunday, September 15th
will have their room subsidized $35 per night. This subsidy is per room not
per member. Members who are attending their first NFBK convention will be
given one night's stay in the hotel plus their lunch and banquet, courtesy
of the NFBK. The cutoff date for making reservations is Monday, September
2nd. Reservations may be accepted after this date based on hotel
availability. However, I must let you know that I have been told by hotel
management that the hotel is at capacity that particular weekend. Once you
have your reservation, you must give me a call at 502-366-2317, or email me
at  <mailto:cathyj1949 at gmail.com> cathyj1949 at gmail.com so that I can put
your name on the master list that will be given to the hotel. Please note
that failure to contact me will result in your not being given your room
credit. First-timers must also contact me in order to assure that you
receive your financial assistance. 

It is important to us that our families be involved in the convention. We
will offer on-site child care, provided there are at least three (3)
children who need the service, and whose families plan on utilizing child
care for the entire day. Once we have hired sitters and they have committed
to working all day, or part day, we must hold up our end of the bargain by
paying them, regardless of the number of children being cared for. The cost
will be $20 per child, or $30 for a family of two or more children.  If
there are not enough children enrolled, all money will be refunded. We will
provide lunch, snacks, and dinner. Our children are precious to all of us.
Therefore, you must register your child or children by September 10th so
that we can adequately provide for their safety and overall enjoyment while
in our care.  There is a category provided on the registration form to sign
up your kiddos.  If you have any further questions, you should contact Jayne
Seif at 502-500-7675, or by email at,  <mailto:jayneseif at att.net>
jayneseif at att.net.  Jayne is a licensed teacher at the University of
Louisville Early Childhood Learning Center and will be in charge of hiring
staff. Please know that there will be at least one licensed worker on duty
at all times. Doors will open at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning, September
21st, and will remain open the entire day until 15 minutes after the banquet
which will end at around 9:30 PM.

We will once again preregister via PayPal.  This system of payment surely
made things much simpler for everyone involved. You can register for the
NFBK State Convention through PayPal, located on our state website at
<http://www.nfbofky.org> www.nfbofky.org.  You can simply scroll down to the
NFBK Convention Registration Form and click to make your reservations. If
you have any issues with your online registration, you can contact Todd
Stephens at  <mailto:todde.stephens at windstream.net>
todde.stephens at windstream.net.  Preregistration is considered registrations
initiated through PayPal before Sunday, September 15th.  Please note that
any payments received on or after September 15th will be considered late,
and the discounted pricing for preregistering will not be reflected on
PayPal. Those of you who preregister are expected to pay the $15
registration, $15 for lunch, and $18 for your banquet. Procrastinators who
do not meet the preregistration deadline will pay $20 to register $20 for
lunch, and $23 for banquet. Please remember to include your child care fees,
if applicable. The preregistration deadline for childcare is Sunday,
September 1st. There will be a 2.9 % plus a thirty cent convenience fee
charged for each PayPal transaction.  

 Bright and early on Friday morning at 8 AM our Technology Assistance
Division is once again planning a spectacular event. There will be an
exhibit room with local and out of town vendors representing companies and
agencies that focus on blindness assistive technology, services and

I have spoken to Jayne Seif, President of the sports and Recreation Division
who tells me they are working on an activity for Friday afternoon, but it is
still too early to divulge the plan. All I can say is if you were there last
year and took part in the twist on a scavenger hunt, then you know you don't
want to miss out on this year's excitement.  

There will be an open meeting of the resolutions committee in the Crescent
Room Friday evening at 6:30. If you are interested in hearing the
resolutions that will be presented and voted on during the business meeting,
you are invited to attend. Jayne Seif is chairing this committee. If you
have a resolution to submit, or want to propose an idea, you should contact
Jayne at,  <mailto:jayneseif at att.net> jayneseif at att.net, or by phone at,
502-550-7675. Resolutions are the framework of our organization.   

Friday evenings are always filled with loads of merriment. Our social
committee: Nickie Pearl, Sandra Williams, Jayne Seif, Lora Stephens, and
Karen Mayne have announced this year's theme. We will be commemorating the
Apollo 11 50th anniversary Moon Landing. If you are a trivia buff you will
want to bone up on the facts surrounding this historical occasion. If
dancing is in your blood you will want to wow us with your best imitation of
Michael Jackson's Moon Walk. And smile.the photo booth will be open. Have
your picture taken with your family and friends, or even take a chapter
group picture. We will have someone taking pictures throughout the evening.
You can purchase a 5 x 7 photo for $5 to remember our 2019 state convention.

We will have an auction this year, but the committee has decided to do
something different. They are soliciting more valuable items that will be
bid on through a silent auction. Periodically throughout the weekend we will
announce the highest bid so we can keep the competition going. Then at the
banquet the items will be sold to the highest bidder.  

Let's not forget the reverse raffle.  This is a big fundraiser for the NFBK.
Raffle tickets are being distributed. I am hoping that you will get in touch
with me soon so that you too can help in this effort. A reverse raffle is
exactly what it implies.  It is the last name drawn who is the grand prize
winner, not the first. The tickets are $10 each.  First place is awarded
$500 and second place receives $250.  But don't forget all of those $25
prizes that are drawn throughout the contest.  We will begin drawing on
Friday evening and conclude at the Saturday banquet.  Once we begin pulling
tickets, no additional tickets can be added.  That's why it is so important
to make sure we have all tickets sold before that first name is announced.

The gavel will drop at 9:00 AM sharp as we call our 2019 National Federation
of the Blind of Kentucky state convention to order. I am just in the
beginning phase of agenda planning, so I can't be too specific yet.  I am
excited to welcome back Amy Buresh as our National Representative. Amy is
the President of our Nebraska Affiliate and a member of the National Board
of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind. We are pleased to have
Cora McNabb, Director, of our newly formed state agency, the Kentucky
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation with us again. It has been nearly a
year since the agencies were combined. She should have some exciting
information to share with the attendees. Our  BELL Academy students will be
back for an encore performance. Makenna, Addie, Anthony, Joshua, and Kai are
an outstanding group of kiddos. You will see what I mean when you meet them
on Saturday morning.  It's always a pleasure to showcase our scholarship
finalists and give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to all of
us. Riley Seif attended the NFB EQ STEM Academy earlier this summer. I am
anxious for everyone to hear all about her experience.

Our convention platform has changed this year. Instead of having our
business portion on Saturday afternoon, we are planning a more exciting
agenda which we hope will add a new dimension to the convention. There are
going to be breakout sessions featuring a variety of products and assistive
technology that will appeal to all ages. We will learn how this technology
is applicable in our day-to-day lives along with instructions for use.   

I always look forward to our annual banquet! There's just something special
about the evening. The atmosphere is electric. You can tell by the laughter
and chatter of the crowd that everyone is relaxed and ready to enjoy
themselves. The evening's festivities will kick into high gear with our
keynote address given by our National Representative, Amy Buresh. It is a
tradition at our banquet to present our NFBK scholarships to blind young men
and women who are determined to pursue their education. These candidates
will receive a check in the amount of $500 or $1,000 to be applied to their
college expenses. However, I hope we can give them much more than money. I
hope they leave the convention knowing that they are a part of the NFBK
family. The banquet is also the perfect backdrop to recognize our members
who have given so selflessly of their time and talent. Our chapters and
divisions are the heart and soul of the NFBK, and they too deserve to be
acknowledged. Again, our banquet is the perfect place to make these
presentations. If you have someone you would like to nominate for an award
you should contact Angela Henderson at,  <mailto:angela.c.dehart at gmail.com>
angela.c.dehart at gmail.com or by phone at, 606-694-5096. I will include a
list of the awards and their criteria at the end of this article. 

During our Sunday morning session, we will get down to business. First off I
will give my State of the NFBK address. Next on the agenda we will discuss
legislation, present resolutions, conduct our business meeting, and elect
our board of directors. According to our constitution we elect our board of
directors in the odd numbered years.  Therefore, at this convention we will
be electing the six board positions. 

As we continue to move forward in the convention planning process, we will
keep all of you in the loop as more specific details become available. 

If you would like to make a donation to the National Federation of the Blind
of Kentucky, you should do so by making your check payable to NFB of
Kentucky and mailing it to our Treasurer, Mike Freholm, 2012 Harris Way,
Russell, KY 41169. 

Let's go build the Federation so that we and future generations can live the
lives we want. 

Cathy Jackson, President

NFB of Kentucky



I pledge to participate actively in the efforts of the National Federation
of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind;
to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its

Respectfully Yours, 

Cathy Jackson, President

NFB of Kentucky



Our NFBK Awards


I thought this would be a good chance to share with all of you the criteria
for each of the awards.  By doing so I am hoping that everyone will have a
better understanding of what qualities we are looking for in our candidates.


Susan B. Rearick was a first grade teacher at the Kentucky School for the
Blind in the early to mid 1900's.  She was a forward thinking individual who
expected more from her blind students than did her peers at the school or
the public in general.  Because of her high expectations of her students she
clearly represented the teachings and philosophy of the National Federation
of the Blind. The person who receives this award can be a blind or sighted


Harold L. Reagan was the first president of the National Federation of the
Blind of Kentucky and a member of the National Board of Directors of the
National Federation of the Blind.  As such the emphasis for receiving this
award should be placed on the recipient's leadership in the organization.
This award can only be given to a blind Kentuckian. 


The T. V. Cranmer award is a very special one.  Tim; as he was known to all
of us, served for many years as an officer of the NFBK.  He also held the
position as chairman on the Research and Development Committee at the
national level.  This award is given to a blind person who has served many
years in the NFB and will continue to be a driving force in this
organization.  The Cranmer award is given to a blind person, but it is not
restricted to individuals living in Kentucky.


Our Robert E. Whitehead (Bob) was the second sitting president of the
Kentucky Affiliate.  This award is presented to an affiliate chapter or
division that strives to build membership in the organization.  The chapter
or division is also actively changing the public's perceptions about
blindness through innovative projects and community outreach.          



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