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How are these in comparison to Iowa canes?


My personal experience is that the Iowa can is slightly heavier than the NFB carbon fiber canes. My NFB cane tended to whip around easier in drastic winds while my Iowa cane added just enough to keep it on the ground (however, the recent wind gusts we experience did still lift the Iowa cane somewhat).


These are a good price and I like to support other blind individuals if possible (as I stated above, my reason for not buying another NFB cane).




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Good afternoon.


 <https://www.dcanes.com/>                 If you like using a straight cane and have heard of the Bob Riley cane, they are back in production.  I have shared the link below.

I have had my hands on many canes lately, and have settled on this one for myself.  They are rigid and light weight, and I have found they offer the best detection and input.







Nickie Pearl


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