[NFBK] NFB Kentucky TAD Symposium and NFB Kentucky Convention

Todd Stephens todde.stephens at windstream.net
Wed Sep 11 00:00:42 UTC 2019

Greetings from NFB Kentucky TAD!


You might have seen this before; but if you have, and you have not
preregistered, now is the time. If you have not seen this announcement
before, now is the time to preregister . No matter how you look at it, now
is the time to preregister!


The Technology Assistance Division is pleased to announce their seventh
annual Symposium that will take place on Friday, 9/20/19 between the hours
of 8:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. The location is the Hilton Garden Inn NE, 9850
Park Center Avenue, Louisville, KY. 40241.


Day of registration will start promptly at 7:30 A.M. and cost you $5. Save
yourself $5 by preregistering today. for those who would like to preregister
for this event. You will have two options (please choose one or the other so
that we do not receive duplicate registrations): 1. The online convention
registration form which is up on the states website at www.nfbofky.org has a
checkbox for you to mark on the form if you plan on attending both the NFB
Kentucky Convention and TAD symposium. 2. If you are not attending the NFB
Kentucky convention, you can find the TAD symposium registration form at the
URL: http://www.nfbkentuckytad.info. It will be in your best interest to
preregister for this event so that you are not caught in the lines to
register the day of; it will also save you $5. The TAD symposium will be
absolutely free for you to attend in 2019, if you preregister! The last day
to preregister for the TAD Symposium will be 9/19/19.


Selected members of TAD and selected members of the APH staff will focus
this year on sharing software with you that will aid you in enhancing your
independence through using accessible apps to build confidence and
independence. For agenda details regarding both the Friday and Saturday
technology programs, please visit at http://www.nfbkentuckytad.info. This
year, TAD will have vendors who specialize in blindness technology, services
and resources to join us as well. For a list of those vendors who will be
participating in the TAD Symposium in 2019 and to preregister, please go to
the aforementioned URL at: http://www.nfbkentuckytad.info.


We hope to visit with each and every one of you on Friday, September 20th at
the Hilton garden Inn NE, 9850 Park Plaza Avenue, Louisville, KY. 40241.


Lastly, please do not forget to make your reservation for the NFB Kentucky
Convention. We have something very special planned for you during our
General Session with our children from the Braille Enrichment for Literacy
and Learning (BELL) program in the morning and technology for you in the
afternoon, and much, much more. NFB Kentucky has partnered with APH to bring
the Saturday afternoon technology program that is sure to assist you in
advancing your independence. To preregister for the NFB Kentucky convention,
go to http://www.nfbofky.org and click on the Convention Page link and
scroll down to 2019 NFBK State Convention. Under this heading you will find
the link to preregister for the 2019 NFBK State Convention. Please note the
last day to preregister for the convention is 9/14/19.


Thank you for your time!



Todd E. Stephens, President

NFB Kentucky TAD

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