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Read below about another APH Museum program.

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On Saturday, September 28, at 1:00, the Museum will present a program
entitled, “Training Your Puppy the Guide Dog Way.”  It’s at 1:00. As
special guests we have Deb Lewis, who is the president of the Guide Dog
Users Group in Kentuckiana, with her dog Miso, and two puppy-raisers from
Ohio, with their puppy Neely.

Puppy-raisers, as I’m sure you know,  are the people who volunteer to care
for a young guide dog until the dog is old enough for formal training in a
guide dog school. Raisers are responsible for teaching the puppy good house
manners and good social skills, and introducing them to the outside world.

As always, the event is free, but reservations are required. You can make
reservations by responding to this email or by calling 502-899-2213.

We’d like to make sure this invitation gets out, so if you know of anyone
particularly interested in dog guides, would you pass it along?  Thanks so




*Katie Fraser Carpenter*

Museum Educator


1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

aph.org/museum • info at aph.org
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