[NFBK] Exercising our right to vote!!

Jayne Seif jayneseif at att.net
Thu Oct 15 20:12:03 UTC 2020

Exercising our right to vote!! 

Today Cathy Jackson, Taryn Seif, Phil Seif, and myself went to vote at the Fairgrounds. There were plenty of accessible machines, although people were a little confused as to how to use them. Luckily we have done this before and we all figured it out. In addition we did point out that their machines should be turned for privacy. Again not a first for Cathy and I. All in all though it was a passible experience. And  the best part was watching Taryn vote for the first time. It was lovely to know that my daughters have an accessible, private, option to vote. I did not have this experience myself until I moved back to Kentucky in my late 20’s. All that being said, get out there and vote! If you have questions please ask right here on the list or feel free to txt or call any of us. 


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