[NFBK] TARC Updates

Lonnie Swafford lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org
Tue Sep 14 20:43:52 UTC 2021

(1). Mask Mandate Extended:


Per TARC3 Admin the TSA Security Directive 1582/84-21-01 Has been extended
through January 18, 2022.


(2). Reminder To Attend Public Town Hall:


You are encouraged to attend the public town hall meeting scheduled for
tomorrow at 12:00 to learn more about how para-transit services are
delivered and to share concerns and recommendations to improve services. The
link is provided at the end of this message.


(3). We Need To Hear From You!:


We know that other problems not related to staffing can and do occur as a
result of various factors surrounding training and safety. With TARC
committing to improve the quality of service it is essential that we ensure
they will deliver. Please send any and all complaints so we can verify if
TARC keeps the promise to restore confidence in the service and fulfil its
obligations. Now more than ever, your feedback is requested. Help us by
reporting issues promptly both to TARC and using the methods outlined here.:
After filing a complaint with TARC you may send them via Facebook to
#tarc3trouble. You may also report issues and concerns to the TARC advocacy
inbox at the email address: tarcadvocacy at gmail.com . The survey remains
available for those who have not yet completed it. You may access the survey


Public Town Hall Meeting Details:


Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.

Log onto zoom: https://bit.ly/TownHallTARC3

Or join the meeting by phone: 833.548.0276 (Toll Free) Meeting ID: 892 8528
0584 Passcode: 620200

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