[NFBK] Accepting Input for the 2022 NFBK Resolutions for State Convention

Lonnie Swafford - NFBKY lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org
Mon Sep 12 21:11:09 UTC 2022

Greetings Everyone,


Effective change can only be achieved by receiving feedback from you, our
members and I am hopeful you will provide ideas for resolutions for 2022.
Please see below a guide which was developed and used last year which will
help facilitate this process and feel free to contact me with questions.


Resolution Submission Questionnaire

National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky




Please consider the below template to use as a guide when sending your ideas
to the committee. It is possible that not all questions may apply or you may
not have all information requested. A member of the committee will follow-up
with you as needed to gather additional details and discuss your ideas
further. Your submission must be received no later than October 15, 2022 and
sent to Lonnie Swafford, committee chairperson at:
Lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org <mailto:Lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org>  or please
call (502) 609-2394 to discuss submission requests. Please do not send
submissions for resolutions by replying to this message.


1.	What is the purpose of the resolution?
2.	Who is the recipient or audience of the resolution?
3.	IF known, what is the number of individuals effected? i.e.,
statewide, employees of a company, a region of the commonwealth, etc.
4.	If possible, provide the timeframe the resolution is expected to
include and examples of any action taken to effect a positive change or
improvement in the circumstances.
5.	What is the expected positive impact or outcome for the blind of our
commonwealth should the resolution pass?
6.	What is the expected negative impact or outcome for the blind of our
commonwealth if the resolution is defeated and why?
7.	What action do you suggest NFBK resolve to take which will
accomplish your objectives?

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