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Mon Apr 17 15:35:39 UTC 2023

Good Morning:


This is a reminder that Lora and I are still seeking referrals for the
world's largest audio reading service for the print impaired in Kentucky,
NFB-NEWSLINE  <https://nfb.org/programs-services/nfb-newsline> R. The work
never stops regarding sharing information about the service and adding new
subscribers to this service. We will always need your assistance in
spreading the good word about NFB-NEWSLINER. 


You might ask what's in this for me? Well, you are sharing a tool of
empowerment with someone in need whereby a new subscriber will have access
to audio news and information - over 500 publications on the NEWSLINE
platform! Its absolutely free to those who qualify under a print impairment,
and it's available 24-7. There may be other reasons to share a word or two
about NEWSLINE as well; however, all of the reasons that I can think of
involve doing something of value for someone else, and that is a great
reason in itself! Lastly, another reason for referring could be monetarily
significant for you as the referrer. 1. for every referral, excluding
self-referrals, your name will go into a hopper for each new subscriber that
you bring to the NFB-NEWSLINER service. This will be for a $100 Visa gift
card that will take place during the NFB Kentucky State Convention (winner
need not be present). 2. For the person who brings in the most subscribers
to the service (deadline is October 6, 2023), you will win a $250 Visa gift


We will need the following information to subscribe: Full name, address,
city in Kentucky (this drawing is for Kentucky residents only), zip, phone
number (including area code), and email (if available). Note: For those
interested in subscribing someone, or yourself outside of the state of
Kentucky, please call the NFB National Office at (410) 659-9314 and press
option 6 for NFB-NEWSLINE. Lastly, We will also need the nature of
disability (vision, cognition and/or fine motor skills). please check with
the individual that you intend to subscribe to NEWSLINE to make sure it is
something that they are interested in subscribing. Self-referrals are not
eligible for the Visa give-away contest in Kentucky.


Thank you for your time this morning!




Todd And Lora Stephens



877-410-4008 - toll free

(859) 309-9383 - local 

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