[nfbmi-talk] Fw: [Brl-coordinators] Call for Letters to the President

Mary Ann Rojek brightsmile1953 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 26 19:35:36 CDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,


There are just three days left in our Letters to President Obama campaign, and we still need your help.


If you have been educated in Braille either in school or through a rehabilitation agency, and you lead a productive life because of this knowledge, or if you have been denied Braille instruction at any point, and you feel that your life has been impacted by the struggles you have faced in becoming literate in Braille, the world needs to hear your story. We have received many submissions from blind people all across the country-some telling the uplifting stories associated with the positive effects of being literate, others calling us to action with compelling stories of struggles faced as a result of growing up illiterate-but we still need your testimonies.


In October we will present our collected stories to President Barack Obama, demonstrating through our own voices the power of Braille literacy. We will share our hopes and dreams with him; we will tell him about the struggles we have faced in becoming literate and the success that has come from our knowing Braille. In addition, we will award the author of each accepted submission a Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar to show our appreciation for your help. Please add your voice to the growing number of blind people speaking in support of Braille and help us change the future of literacy in this country.


To submit your story online, visit www.braille.org and click the link entitled "Letters to Obama." In order to have your work considered for inclusion in our book, your submission must be received no later than August 28.


Thank you for all that you do to bring about positive change for all blind people. I look forward to reading your stories.


Yours Sincerely,

Fred Schroeder

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