[nfbmi-talk] Newbie...

Reggie & Brooks regandlon at WideOpenWest.com
Mon Oct 26 09:25:56 CDT 2009

Hello Ray:
My name is Regina, and although I am a fairly proficient cane user I have
chosen to use a guide dog.  I am blind from birth as is my husband.  We are
in our 50s, and I also work in the medical field as a transcriptionist.

First of all, I admire you for getting a "start" on learning to live as a
blind person.  You are definitely doing the correct thing.  No use in
stopping living, right? (smiles)

To answer you concerning how email is done, we use a screen reader that
actually reads exactly what you would see.  There are commands to get from
place to place on the screen.  There are 2 major programs.  One is Jaws from
Freedom Scientific and the other is Window Eyes from G. W. Micro.  Both have
opened up a lot of opportunity for us, both to keep in touch and also as far
as working.  Computers are everywhere! (smiles)  These programs have a
computer voice that can be changed to a voice to your liking, even a British
voice if you are so inclined.  They work in other languages also.  I use
just the voice when doing email, but when I work, I supplement my listening
with a braille display to intermittently put a check on what I am typing.
Typing is mostly muscle memory, and I know where my fingers are at any given
time.  A good keyboard helps too. (smiles)

As for learning braille? I would urge you to do this.  Eighty percent of
those who have worked or are working (only 20% of the blind) read braille.
I worked 31 years for Henry Ford Hospital until transcription was outsourced
to India, GRRRR, oops pardon the personal comment,  but braille was a huge
part of my career.  

I will stop for now so my email is not a book, but if you wish to contact
me, I would be happy to chat.  Phone is below my signature.
(313) 7597279 which is free for me to call so I can call you back so you do
not have to pay.

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