[nfbmi-talk] Terry and others

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Mon Oct 26 13:43:05 CDT 2009

Terry, this is Eric.  I'd like to know if the U.ofM. football stadium has
disability access.  I want to, one of these years, go to the U.ofM. campus
for a football game.  Now that the Ann Arbor News closed down, have you
subscribed free to annarbor.com?

This is Eric from Los Angeles!   Instead of a ghoulish time, have a
bubbly time!  Let your  bubbly, playful personality show!  Laugh!

Instead of trick-or-treating, treat yourself to the love of a friend who
loves you, and looks down on you!

Instead of dressing up as a witch, sorcerer, or ghoul, put your best foot
forward, and dress up for your Maker!

Happy Halloween!

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