[nfbmi-talk] Training Center Director Position Posted

Christine Boone Christine_Boone at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 15:43:38 UTC 2010

Good Morning All, 

I see that the Commission is able to move with remarkable swiftness with
respect to replacing the most recent director of the Training Center.   
This position is posted this morning.  If you know anyone who would be
interested in this job, you might want to let them know that it is
apparently available.   

I can only say that I found my time as director at MCBTC to be one of the
most rewarding and enjoyable interludes in my life.  It was my joy to be
able to work with the most talented, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated
staff inside the training center; and I found staff throughout the
Commission to be dedicated professionals who really want to do the best job
that they can do in delivering quality services to Michigan's residents who
are blind.     
As for the students, I was continuously impressed and amazed by their
talent, intelligence and determination.  I am honored to have had the
opportunity to serve the people of the State of Michigan in my capacity as
Training Center Director.  I would honestly have been delighted to hold this
job for the remainder of my professional career.  


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