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J.J. Meddaugh jj at bestmidi.com
Thu Apr 8 15:57:11 UTC 2010

Thought some of you near Lansing may be interested in this.

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Subject: LSBPH Computer Club

Good Afternoon All,

The LSBPH Computer Club meets this Saturday, April 10 from 10:30-12:30. 
This month our presenter, J J Meddaugh, of A T Guys will demonstrate Mobile 
Geo.  Mobile Geo is a GPS navigation program used on cell phones.  J J will 
take us outside for a walk around the Library of Michigan so you can get a 
hands-on look and feel of how Mobile Geo really works.

Don't miss the opportunity to ask J J about other adaptive technology 
products and his web site www.blindbargains.com.

The LSBPH Computer Club meets in the LSBPH public service area across from 
the elevators on the first floor of the Library of Michigan.  The Library of 
Michigan is located at 702 W Kalamazoo St in Lansing.

See you Saturday,

Scott J Norris
Adaptive Technology Librarian
Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Michigan Commission for the Blind
Department of Energy, labor, and Economic Growth
702 West Kalamazoo Street
P.O. Box 30007
Lansing, MI 48909-7507
v: 517-373-5516
f: 517-373-5865
norriss5 at michigan.gov

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