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March 19, 2010, 8:00AM


Written by: Ken Karakula, Norman L. Kramer, Jon O. Flegel & PDTC students


Blind Training Center director was thinking 'outside the box'


I was totally dismayed to read about the firing of Christine Boone as director of the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center in Kalamazoo for

creating supposed "firearms" classes for blind students.


These spring-loaded rifles are not firearms. They can be purchased in the toy department of any store and shoot rubber or plastic pellets and are safe enough

for children to use.


I suspect there is another agenda that Patrick Cannon has against Boone. As a previous longtime Lions Club member, I had the privilege of knowing fellow

member Norm Backon who was blind and worked for the Commission for the Blind.


Norm would encourage both sighted and non-sighted persons to think "outside the box" in helping the blind. We created a memorial scholarship in his honor

after his death to help those wanting to work with the blind.


I would suggest that Cannon resign and stop discriminating against and hindering creative people like Boone from thinking "outside the box" when trying

to help the blind.


Ken Karakula/past president, Portage Lions Club


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