[nfbmi-talk] draft Board meetingApril 8, 2010

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Sun Apr 18 19:54:14 UTC 2010

Board meeting April 8, 2010

 8-30 P.M.

Call to Order

Quorum yes

Introduction of participating members.

Larry Posont, Dave Robinson, Marcus Simmons Michael Powell, Terri Wilcox, 
John Scott, Peter Zaremba.

Secretary's minutes were accepted.

Marcus Simmons wanted the minutes amended to reflect a discussion on taking 
a bus to Dallas for 2010 National Convention.

Update on letter to Governor/protest.

We sent a letter to the governor asking her for a meeting. We will then go 
to the news media for a press release and news conference on April 20. A 
lady from consumer affairs wants us to send a complaint and she will send it 
ahead to the Commission, but we think the Commission is aware of our 
complaint. We are thinking of writing to the attorney general. There are 
issues with reports on students at the training center. Our Federal and 
state Foia requests are in process. We need to think about beginning our 
Thursday protests in front of the Governor's office.

The Michigan article will be in The Braille Monitor in June.

Commission Board. Appointments.

Fred Wurtzel intends to apply for the Commission Board.

The job posting for the Training center director came out. The position only 
requires a high school diploma and does not require previous work with the 

Minutes. Larry Posont.

Tentative Commission minutes did not include our material.

The blind vendors are hosting a meeting at the Library of Michigan on April 
16 from 9 A.M. to 3-30 P.M. This Resolutions Summit will make 
recommendations on what action should be taken between the Bep and the 
Commission. Commissioners, Eoc, blind vendors, Presidents of Nfb and Mcbvi 
and Terry Eagle are invited. The operators workshop will be the last week 
end in April. Larry Posont will speak at the workshop.

Camp Tuhsmeheta

events for the summer of 2010. Larry Posont. Tentative plans involve taking 
kids from the Braille-A-Thon to Braille Camp at Camp Tuhsmeheta. Braille 
camp will run  from June 23-27. Our donator is giving money through the 
Federation. In July, Camp Tuhsmeheta will host a culinary week end where 
each student will take home a crock pot. In August we will have the science 

Next Statewide Quarterly board meeting.

May 22, 2010 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. May 22 in Kalamazoo at the Library. People 
can obtain transportation via  buses and trains to Kalamazoo. New people 
will be encouraged to attend. We will probably get a combination of pizza 
and subs for a reasonable price.

Update on College policy. Elizabeth Mohnke, Fred Wurtzel.

 There is nothing new to report. Fred Wurtzel suggests that anyone who is 
interested is welcome to join with   Elizabeth Mohnke and himself to write a 
quality, student friendly, Nfb supported, college policy.

National Convention Transportation?

Someone mentioned a train for $230. There is concern about getting enough 
people to make chartering a bus economically feasible. Shuttle service is 
available for  $14 if you take it both to and from the airport in Dallas. 
Those who want  to work in the Independence Market at National Convention, 
please contact Larry Posont or the national office.

We intend to sell coffee at Convention. If chapters have merchandise to sell 
at the Michigan table at convention, approval must be obtained well in 
advance. Cinnamon almonds are suggested as a possible sale item. However, we 
want them to be prepackaged.

We intend to have a table at Visions 2010 on May 12.

Mike Powell moved and Marcus Simmons seconded adjournment of the meeting at 

Email address:

president.nfb.mi at gmail.com

Thank you for being a part of the NFB of Michigan. Together, we are changing 
what it means to be blind in Michigan.

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