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This fw didn't go through. But it is important . This was a response by Susan Terney to my inquiry about the RSA monitoring review made on March 3, 2010. Yet, in a FOIA response to Larry I believe on April 9, 2010 DELEG basically said they didn't have this report...

In reply to your question, Joe, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is expected to issue their final monitoring report by the end of this month.
 When MCB receives the report, it will be shared broadly and posted on the MCB website at


Susan Turney

Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Michigan Commission for the Blind

Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth

direct line:  517-241-8631

fax:  517-335-5140

MCB toll-free: 1-800-292-4200

201 N. Washington Square, Second Floor

P.O. Box 30652

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Hi All,

I've been out of the loop, being out of state for a good part of this past year and have been trying to catch up. I noticed MCB had a pretty heavy monitoring
team in the attached MCB "Insight" (March, 2009). article.

How well did MCB shake out in this monitoring?


Joe Harcz

Attached story:

Comprehensive RSA Visit to MCB Wraps Up Today

By Pat Cannon

Photo L-R: MCB Director Pat Cannon, MCB Training Center Director Christine Boone, RSA Chief of Technical Assistance Sue Rankin-White, RSA Vocational Rehabilitation
Program Specialist Charles Sadler, and MCB Consumer Services Director Leamon Jones in a Victor Building conference room in Lansing March 2 discussing MCB
client employment outcomes.

Eight people from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) in Washington, D.C., have been visiting MCB for a routine monitoring review on-site in
Michigan all this week.

RSA is the federal entity responsible for monitoring state rehabilitation agency programs to provide technical assistance and assure that all of the regulations
regarding program implementation and service delivery are being followed.  For example, RSA has been with us this week to ensure that MCB is providing
the kinds of services in our Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living programs that are outlined in the Rehabilitation Act.  Not unimportantly,
RSA is also responsible for the flow of federal dollars coming to our agency.  Our visitors have been looking closely at all of our statistical data as
well, such as the populations that we serve, outcomes, cost of services, specific kinds of programs such as transition, cash match agreements, and collaboration
with community rehabilitation organizations.

At one time, these routine reviews were done annually, but the reviews have become both less frequent and more comprehensive.  This is the first time RSA
has monitored MCB since the agency’s reorganization in 2004.

RSA staff have been meeting with the executive team and managers, and we’ve had a very full agenda.  During this busy week, members of the RSA team have
visited the MCB Training Center in Kalamazoo; the Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Detroit field offices; the Michigan Career and Technical Institute in Plainwell
(which is run by Michigan Rehabilitation Services, but also serves some MCB clients); the Michigan Works! service centers in Kalamazoo and Lansing;  the
MCB transition programs with the Ingham, Eaton, and Macomb intermediate school districts; and MCB community partners New Horizons of Auburn Hills, Goodwill
Industries of Greater Detroit, and Peckham of  Lansing.  RSA team members also attended portions of our Mini Adjustment Seminar in Detroit on March 5 and
met with Client Assistance Program staff at Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service in Lansing.

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