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I got it but it doesn't matter. Here's a note I wrote up for you on the 
issue and I'd put this reference in your appeal. You didn't ask for the MRS 
document by the way ... though that exists too. You asked for the MCB RSA 
monitoring report...
Here's my note with the SILC reference...
Ok, this is from the Statewide Independent Living Council meeting here where 
Lehman Jones of the Michigan Commission for the Blind gives his report. 
Clearly he calls this report the RSA Monitoring Report. Clearly he had it in 
his possession as do so many others at MCB. Thus it is a document available 
under the FOIA. Moreover, DELEG shouldn't charge a dime as all they need to 
do is forward the electronic/digital copy via e-mail. Shoot I want Cannon's 
copy. It is likely a Word document.

On top of all this this is full of facts and definitely in the public 
interest and not just some jawboning notes between agencies. We are after 
all talking about millions of dollars from the federal government at stake 
here, lots of jobs and services for the blind citizens of Michigan hanging 
in the balance. For Farmer to both mix apples and oranges and to violate 
FOIA, including case law to hide this document is actionable and he should 
know that.

Moreover, I want Lehman Jones report to RSA. He has completed it by now and 
certainly has a copy. And other minutes and reference denote MCB has already 
taken some action steps and certainly this is all discussed in public 
arenas, albeit briefly including in this meeting.


Joe Harcz

"From: Draft Meeting Minutes - Nov 13th 2009 Council Meeting | Michigan SILC




- Leamon Jones

· MCB has been focused on completing the responses to the Draft FY 2009 RSA 
Monitoring Report.

· One focus is revising our Older Blind Manual to bring it into compliance 
with the federal government.

· Small Business Policy and College Policy have been another focus, to 
revise and update these policies to be in compliance as well.

· MCB served 3500 individual this last year and was successful in achieving 
95% of their goal.

· MCB has been working with Area on Aging and Office on Aging to purchase 
technology services to persons of the blind and visually impaired within 

centers. Two programs have been approved and services are moving ahead in 
that area.

· Looking at how to improve outreach and working with centers to establish 
relationships with Native Americans in particular.

· MCB is providing employment seminars in the community to keep individuals 
interested in seeking employment and employers are an intricate part

providing placement in the local job market.

· Currently looking for fill counselor vacancies within MCB.

· MCB has an Internship Program and is looking to place forty individuals 
throughout the state. Internship is for up to one year possibly two years.

ARRA funds are being used for this program."

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> joe i can't read this thank you for larry posont
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>> Interested parties should look at the November 2009 draft Statewide 
>> Independent Council meeting minutes with our pal Lehman Jones discussing 
>> the RSA Monitoring report in his MCB report...
>> Oh my...They don't have it?
>> Man DELEG has so many holes in it nobody can plug them.
>> Click here for the SILC minutes:
>> http://www.misilc.org/index.php?q=node/81
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