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Wow they are really up to date here with certification eh? I love the 
certificate for the American Association of Workers for the Blind here. I 
know there are a few who have that certificate, but since the organization 
hasn't been around since 1984 being merged to create AER you would think 
that the State of Michigan would get its organizations and certification 
requirements a little up to date since then. I wonder if I can still use my 
expired drivers license. I mean it expired in 1976 but by golly I still have 

Anyone out there with an old CIO card? Or maybe all we really need is to 
lick the boots of master Cannon to qualify for any job in this state.

Oh, my I think I just found an old City of Mt. Morris Little League card. 
I'm rumbling through footlockers and every nook and cranny for certification 
that will match this job, or the one still open to direct MCB TC.

Apparently all one needs to fill Chris Boone's spot is a High School diploma 
and three years in management like law enforcement.

I love the latter reference as they are turning the Training Center into a 
jail anyway. Why not some unemployed cop?

Oh shoot let's cut out the middle man and just shut down MCB TC. Then we can 
also empty out Jackson State Prison and round up the 45,000 blind folks in 
Michigan and just lock us up and be done with it.

Oh but then MCB wouldn't get all its federal funding to keep the inept 
Director in his position....

...And other no-nothing hacks at DELEG like the FOIA chief.

Oh man...I just found my Rocky Colovito rookie card....I'm applying for this 
position right away!

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> Job #:
> 64-10-36 EW
> Job Title:
> Blind Rehabilitation Instructor P11
> Closing Date/Time:
> Thu. 04/29/10 5:00 PM Eastern Time
> Salary:
> $19.88 - $35.19 hourly
> $1,590.40 - $2,815.20 biweekly
> Job Type:
> Permanent Full Time
> Bargaining Unit:
> Location:
> Lansing, Michigan
> Department:
> Energy, Labor and Economic Growth
> table end
> Print Job Information |
> Apply
> Description
> Benefits
> Supplemental Questions
> This position provides rehabilitation teaching services to individuals who 
> are blind in a specific geographic territory covered by the Lansing 
> Office.
> Teachers work with individuals who are legally blind to teach them the 
> skills of blindness including orientation, communication, and many 
> different daily
> living skills.  They are also responsible for providing timely teacher 
> assessments to the rehabilitation counselors in their office.  This person 
> is also
> responsible for the required documentation and other paperwork related to 
> the provision of services.
> Required Education and Experience:
> Education
> Possession of a bachelor's degree with a major in blind/visually 
> handicapped.
> Experience
> No specific type or amount is required.
> Alternate Education and Experience:
> Possession of a bachelor's degree with any major and a certificate for 
> teaching blind adults from the American Association of Workers for the 
> Blind may
> be substituted for the education requirement.
> Additional Requirements and Information:
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