[nfbmi-talk] Agenda April 22, 2010, 8-30 P.M.

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I like the idea for dinner after the board meeting.
There's several restaurants within easy walking distance with good food as 
Larry will attest to.

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> Agenda April 22, 2010, 8-30 P.M.    Please call 605-475-4333 code 902-855 
> pound. Call to OrderQuorumIntroduction of participating 
> members.Secretary's Report.Terri Wilcox. The Minutes were already sent out 
> for the April 8 meeting. These Minutes are at the bottom of this agenda. 
> Treasurer's Report. Peter Zaremba.  Update on letter to the 
> Governor.Update on letter to the Attorney General.Update on letter to the 
> Civil Service Commission..Update on Letter to Jo Ann Pilarski. Update on 
> Freedom of Information Request concerning the security guards at the 
> Commission Meeting.Update on the Freedom of Information In Request 
> concerning the Federal Audit/Monitoring of the Commission. Preliminary 
> Monitoring report from September of 2009. Discussion.--Tentative Minutes 
> of the March 19 Commission Board Meeting.Appointments to the Commission 
> BoardDiscussion.--Future protest plans. . Meeting of blind vendors on 
> April 16 update. Camp Tuhsmeheta events for the summer of 2010. Larry 
> Posont.Next Statewide Quarterly board meeting. May 22, 2010 11 A.M. to 5 
> P.M. May 22. in Kalamazoo at the Library.Discussion.--Dinner after board 
> meeting proposed. update on College policy. Elizabeth Mohnke, Fred 
> Wurtzel.National Convention Transportation?Volunteers in Independence 
> Market at National Convention Needed. State caucass at National 
> Convention?New Business:Discussion.--Potential NFB of Michigan Involved in 
> an ADA Complaint on signage of the Victor Building. Email address: 
> president.nfb.mi at gmail.com Thank you for being a part of the NFB of 
> Michigan. Together, we are changing what it means to be blind in Michigan. 
> Minutes Will Follow. Board meeting April 8, 2010  8-30 P.M. Call to Order 
> Quorum yes Introduction of participating members. Larry Posont, Dave 
> Robinson, Marcus Simmons Michael Powell, Terri Wilcox, John Scott, Peter 
> Zaremba. Secretary's minutes were accepted. Marcus Simmons wanted the 
> minutes amended to reflect a discussion on taking a bus to Dallas for 2010 
> National Convention. Update on letter to Governor/protest. We sent a 
> letter to the governor asking her for a meeting. We will then go to the 
> news media for a press release and news conference on April 20. A lady 
> from consumer affairs wants us to send a complaint and she will send it 
> ahead to the Commission, but we think the Commission is aware of our 
> complaint. We are thinking of writing to the attorney general. There are 
> issues with reports on students at the training center. Our Federal and 
> state Foia requests are in process. We need to think about beginning our 
> Thursday protests in front of the Governor's office. The Michigan article 
> will be in The Braille Monitor in June. Commission Board. Appointments. 
> Fred Wurtzel intends to apply for the Commission Board. The job posting 
> for the Training center director came out. The position only requires a 
> high school diploma and does not require previous work with the blind. 
> Minutes. Larry Posont. Tentative Commission minutes did not include our 
> material. The blind vendors are hosting a meeting at the Library of 
> Michigan on April 16 from 9 A.M. to 3-30 P.M. This Resolutions Summit will 
> make recommendations on what action should be taken between the Bep and 
> the Commission. Commissioners, Eoc, blind vendors, Presidents of Nfb and 
> Mcbvi and Terry Eagle are invited. The operators workshop will be the last 
> week end in April. Larry Posont will speak at the workshop. Camp 
> Tuhsmeheta events for the summer of 2010. Larry Posont. Tentative plans 
> involve taking kids from the Braille-A-Thon to Braille Camp at Camp 
> Tuhsmeheta. Braille camp will run  from June 23-27. Our donator is giving 
> money through the Federation. In July, Camp Tuhsmeheta will host a 
> culinary week end where each student will take home a crock pot. In August 
> we will have the science camp. Next Statewide Quarterly board meeting. May 
> 22, 2010 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. May 22 in Kalamazoo at the Library. People can 
> obtain transportation via buses and trains to Kalamazoo. New people will 
> be encouraged to attend. We will probably get a combination of pizza and 
> subs for a reasonable price. Update on College policy. Elizabeth Mohnke, 
> Fred Wurtzel.  There is nothing new to report. Fred Wurtzel suggests that 
> anyone who is interested is welcome to join with   Elizabeth Mohnke and 
> himself to write a quality, student friendly, Nfb supported, college 
> policy. National Convention Transportation? Someone mentioned a train for 
> $230. There is concern about getting enough people to make chartering a 
> bus economically feasible. Shuttle service is available for  $14 if you 
> take it both to and from the airport in Dallas. Those who want  to work in 
> the Independence Market at National Convention, please contact Larry 
> Posont or the national office. We intend to sell coffee at Convention. If 
> chapters have merchandise to sell at the Michigan table at convention, 
> approval must be obtained well in advance. Cinnamon almonds are suggested 
> as a possible sale item. However, we want them to be prepackaged. We 
> intend to have a table at Visions 2010 on May 12. Mike Powell moved and 
> Marcus Simmons seconded adjournment of the meeting at 9-43. Email address: 
> president.nfb.mi at gmail.com   Thank you for being a part of the NFB of 
> Michigan. Together, we are changing what it means to be blind in Michigan.
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