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April 28, 2010



Note on Access Requirements Vocational Rehab 


This section of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act goes directly to accessibility of all Vocational Rehabilitation facilities including the Michigan Commission for the Blind, it also goes to all the various One-Stops…


Yet, to this very date so many of Michigan’s V.R. and related agencies have issues of accessibility. One item comes strongly to my mind here and that is the fact that raised character and Braille signage is woefully non-compliant at the Victor office building and that includes both MCB, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, the Michigan Commission for Disabilities concerns, and a wide variety of DELEG offices just to name a few. The raised character and Braille signage requirement is a “program access” requirement of the ADA and Section 504 referenced in these Vocational Rehabilitation Act Title I rules. My gosh how many parts of these acts have MRS, MCB, DELEG and predecessors violated over these manty years on this access issue and requirement alone?


I simply can’t take a count of the egregious and intentional acts of discrimination in this regards over the years.


It staggers the mind, but I have been vilified over and over again for pointing out the obvious violations of these civil rights requirements. 


Relevant section:

Sec. 361.51 Standards for facilities and providers of services.


    (a) Accessibility of facilities. The State plan must assure that 

any facility used in connection with the delivery of vocational 

rehabilitation services under this part meets program accessibility 

requirements consistent with the requirements, as applicable, of the 

Architectural Barriers Act of 1968, the Americans with Disabilities Act 

of 1990, section 504 of the Act, and the regulations implementing these 





Joe Harcz

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