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An open question here:


Are some of these cash match renewals at risk? I just don’t know because information is not forthcoming at all. But, if they are they will impact some Centers for Independent Living and some transitional services in these areas adversely and people with disabilities are already hard hit in this state on every front. Regardless this is why those Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Michigan Commission for the Blind monitoring reports and findings are so important. And I darned well think they are important for implementation of the Statewide Plan for Independent Living and they sure are important for all stakeholders and all organizations representing all people with disabilities to know about. How in the heck can we have meaningful and independent input into the process if we can’t even get information after the fact. I don’t get why the powers at DELEG and so many agencies dealing with millions of federal and state dollars are so secretive.


How does this jive with fundamental principles of transparency let alone fundamental notions of consumer control, and stakeholder input that are required?


Joe Harcz


Reference here with no detail of course from:





“DELEG - March 2009 MCB Report


Some of the cash match agreements that were renewed for FY 2009 are: Ingham, Eaton, Wayne County Detroit CIL, Ottawa/Kent, Marquette-Alger Regional Educational

Service Agency, Ann Arbor and Genesee counties. The purpose of these agreements will promote transition activities with the intermediate school districts.

 The cash match agreements with the CIL's focus on the development of soft skills and the integration of the core services to assist individuals with employment

and independence.”

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