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Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Tue Dec 7 20:40:56 UTC 2010



Below is one of the illegal MCB policies which is still on the MCB website,
as if it is legal and enforceable.   Since this is illegal and RSA has told
the Commission to change it within 10 days, why, WHY, I say, is this still
on the public website?  The Commission will attempt to revoke the license of
an operator based on rumors and won't follow the law when they are made
aware.  I don't get the double standard and apparently impudent behavior
toward the people who provide 80% of the MCB funding.  I remember when the
feds cut off funding to Florida for not following the RSA rules.  Is that
what we want here?  Commissioners, please protect our agency.  This is
getting critical.  Please take action. 



Here is the illegal policy:



> Through the Individual Plan for Employment, the counselor/teacher and the

> individual must develop a budget based on a list of actual expenses 

> compared

> to income. It is important to consider all resources including Social

> Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Social Security

> Supplemental Income (SSI) benefits when determining income.


> Every student must participate financially in his or her education. 

> College

> students are required to apply for SSI/SSDI or contribute the maximum 

> amount

> according to the Social Security Administration Red Book for the current

> year. If the Social Security application is denied or awarded at less than

> the maximum level because of individual or family income and assets, the

> student will contribute the difference to the maximum Supplemental 

> Security

> Income (SSI) allowable amount for each semester or term attended.



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