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You might want to write Mary Ellen Thompson a little note, which we will
make sure she receives. See the following for more details. 




Joanne Wilson

Executive Director of Affiliate Action

National Federation of the Blind

200 East Wells Street

Baltimore, MD 21230

410.659.9314 x 2335

(F) 410.659.6893

jwilson at nfb.org

"Voice of the Nation's Blind"


My Friends,

As often as you've come here over the years I thought you'd like to know
this news: Mary Ellen Thompson is retiring. Please pass the announcement
below on to anyone else who may be interested in sending a note that we
can give to Mary Ellen on December 10th (Friday this week).  Messages
and memories may be emailed to me, Lorraine Rovig, lrovig at nfb.org.  Here
is the announcement from our staff newsletter:


(Mrs.) Mary Ellen Thompson is retiring from the national office staff on
December 17. While she is certainly not retiring from the Federation, we
of the staff here would like to give her a going-away party and a token
of our appreciation for her 25 years of living the Federation and
supporting our cause.  

Lunch and Memories

On Friday, December 10, 2010, we would like to have a party-at lunch
time, beginning at noon-for Mary Ellen. Come when you can and please
bring your own lunch.  The ad-hoc party committee chaired by Judy
Chwalow will supply fabulous desserts and tasty (approved) drinks. There
will also be an opportunity to share your memories of working with Mary

Ambassadors from each department will be coming around to ask for your
contributions to the celebration and the gift for Mary Ellen.




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