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Good Morning,

Was finally able to access audio streaming 
Saturday afternoon, and heard some really 
interesting sessions.  Could not get back on in 
the evening to hear Dr. Schroeder; streaming just 
wasn't working.  This morning I was at church so 
didn't hear discussion or resolutions.

One issue to which I would like to respond is that 
of the assumption that Mark Eagle was dismissed 
for his views on college policy.  In fact, I asked 
Mark to participate on the college policy 
committee, thinking that as a student he would 
have much to add.  I am absolutely sure that from 
the Board perspective, this was not an issue.

Larry, I will tell you that I had concerns about 
Mark joining our Board.  I had to fill out an 
8-page questionnaire in which I had to state that 
I had no relatives or friends who had any kind of 
tie with MCB, as it might compromise my role as 
commissioner.  I stated my concerns to the 
appointments office right from the beginning.  I 
felt that I had to question that appointment, as 
Chair of a board whom I felt should be serving all 
without bias and should be following the law. 
Apparently no one in the appointments office had 
an issue with that, nor did the Senate.

I had two commissioners writing to me throughout 
Mark's term expressing specific concerns about 
potential conflict issues.  I felt, again, as 
Chair that I had to pass their concerns, as well 
as my own,  on to Pat.  He, in turn,
stated that he would question the Ethics committee 
to see if there was potential for conflict. 
Apparently, they felt that was the case.   I won't 
speak for other Commissioners who were seated at 
that time; they can speak to their issues if they 
choose.  What I did want to clear up was that this 
had nothing to do with the College Policy 
committee.  I remember that Mark wanted to open it 
up to more consumers; I was fine with that, asked 
Administration about it,  and it was an 
unequivocal "no".  In the end we did open it wide 
up and made consumers a huge part of that writing. 
As you will recall, there was much resistance, but 
the Board and Consumers and Agency came to 
agreement with most pieces of it.

I also want to say that I think that Mark was and 
is a fine young man. I so wanted to donate to his 
campaign, but the whole thing about commissioners 
dealing with lobbying and/or legislative stuff got 
in the end.  I could see potential for conflict.

What I am really writing to you, as presidents of 
your respective consumer groups, is this.  It is 
time for our Board to write objectives for 
Director Cannon. These go one of two places: in 
his personal plan, or into our Action Plan.  Since 
we are short two commissioners, I am pulling 
myself off the Planning and quality team, so I 
will ask for a full report from them on our goals 
and objectives and the progress for each meeting. 
In this way thee will be an accounting for what we 
have asked for 2011.  I also know that there is a 
built-in consumer factor on this team (the PAQ) 
and that you all will have it covered.  You can 
introduce policy ideas and objectives at any PAQ 

Back to objectives.  If  you, Larry and Joe, can 
have a meeting to talk about issues on which you 
might agree for action by the agency in 2011, I 
would be interested in hearing them.  We may be 
able to incorporate them into our objectives, if 
the Board agrees.   We have learned that we are 
limited by DELEG to 3-5 objectives for Pat's 
personal goals, but we can incorporate ideas on 
which we all agree into the action plan.

I hope you receive this with the intent with which 
it is sent - a spirit of mutual respect, 
cooperation and progress toward the best 
programming we can give blind folks in Michigan.\

Again, Larry, really enjoyed yesterday's p.m. 
speakers.  The streaming was great until it didn't 
work anymore.  Gotta love technology.

Still dealing with many issues with my dad, but am 
home now and he is downstate with his wife and in 
a hospice situation.   We have come to terms with 
the fact that we are all in God's hands, and must 
pray and trust him in this (and so many) 
situations. I will be home in the evenings and am 
free to take calls if you need to contact me.


Jo Ann

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