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History of SVRC Industries, Inc.


1962 - SaginawValley Rehabilitation Center became a legal entity and the first program was offered.


1968 - The program moved into a portion of the Lufkin Rule Co at 1730 Hess.


1982 - Phase I of a new building was begun at 919 Veterans Memorial Pkwy.


1983 - An informal agreement to employ Independent Living Specialists and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors for the Michigan Commission for the Blind

began. These indviduals are located in different counties across the State and work with individuals who are blind and in need of assistance with either

activities of daily living or helping them locate and maintain employment.


1990 - SVRC Industries, Inc. acquired ACKO Industries, another nonprofit agency with a similar mission. It is located in Owosso, Michigan and is now known

as Shiawassee Rehabilitation Program.


1994 - SVRC Industries, Inc. was awarded a contract with the State of Michigan to administer the Welfare to Work programs here in Saginaw County.


1995 - SVRC Industries Inc. started the Saginaw County Transition Academy which was chartered by the Saginaw Intermediate School District (SISD) to serve

at-risk middle and high school students. These students were originally referred to the program by the Saginaw County Court system and the SISD.


1996 - SVRC Industries, Inc. acquired the ARC of Saginaw, a nonprofit advocacy agency, which could no longer continue to support its programs due to reduced

funding. Originating as a grassroots movement, The ARC was initially devoted to improving the lives of individuals with mental retardation.


1998 - SVRC Industries Inc. started an Interim Alternative Education Program. This SISD contracted program is for students who are specially placed by all

Saginaw County School districts.


1999 - Westlund Guidance Clinic, which is a nonprofit children's mental health provider, joined SVRC Industries, Inc. due to serious fiscal difficulties.

The Norman Westlund Child Guidance Clinic was founded in 1942. It provides for the assessment and treatment of children and families living in the Saginaw

area who are experiencing emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and mental disorders. The clinic has continued to adapt its

services to meet the changing needs of the population it serves. Currently Westlund Guidance Clinic provides Outpatient Services, Children's Case Management

Services, and CAC-Head Start Consultations.


2001 - SVRC was awarded a contract by the Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center to run its educational programs. This program is run in conjunction with

the SISD for detained youth ages 10-17.


2002 - SVRC received ISO 9002:1994/QS 9000:1998 Quality Registration


2003 - SVRC Industries, Inc. started a specialized SISD program/classroom for Oppositional Defiant students, which is currently housed at the Westlund Guidance



2004 - SVRC received its ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Registration


2005 - The Saginaw County Learn to Earn Academy - Chartered by the SISD for 16-20 year old students' grades 10-12 who have dropped out of a previous school

program. This program focuses on allowing students to work during the day and attend classes in the evening.


2005 - SVRC Industries entered into a three year contract with the State of Michigan to provide professional staffing to the Michigan Commission for the



2005 - SVRC Industries, Inc. was invited to be a member of the Community Council for the Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initative (MPRI) sponsored by the Michigan

Department of Corrections. As a result in the summer of 2006 SVRC won a competitive bid to become the Fiduciary or fiscal agent for the Saginaw County

2nd Round Pilot Site. SVRC is the employer of record for its Community Coordinator and the Fiduciary has final decision making authority for all bids for

contracted services. The Steering Team has the direct responsibility and oversight for the project. The services contracted with local agencies in the

MPRI programs are : housing, workforce development, substance abuse treatment, mental health, transportation, health care, family support services, life

skills training, adult education, domestic violence services, entitlement programs, faith based mentoring and case management.


2005 - SVRC Industries, Inc. saw an opportunity to help OIC by purchasing their building which they were going to default on and which SVRC Industries,

Inc. saw as an asset to the community. Currently SVRC Industries, Inc. provides a loaned Executive to administer the agency as they try to reinvent themselves.


2006 - SVRC Industries, Inc. was asked to provide a teacher for Health Source, Saginaw's inpatient pyschiatric unit. This program is for school-age youths

receiving inpatient medical and/or psychiatric services, the teacher coordinates with the students school to ensure they are keeping up on class work while

receiving services.


2006 - The Arc Services changed its name to S.A.I.D. or Saginaw Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities. During 2005/2006 the advisory board, along with

other parents and consumers spent a great deal of time advocating for consumer choice, while the Arc of Michigan and the Arc of the United States spent

its time lobbying and advocating for full inclusion, at all costs, for all people with disabilities.


2008 - SVRC recieved a grant from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth to develop a Contact Center training program to teach persons with

developmental disabilities how to work in a contact center and use contact center equipment.


2009 - SVRC began providing community living support services to persons with developmental disabilities through a contract with the

Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority.


Current Events


Competitive Procurement

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• Security Guard Services RFP

• Temporary Employment Services

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• No SVRC Board Meeting

• Agency Closed 25th & 26th

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