[nfbmi-talk] looks like mcbtc final contract award was december 7 2010

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Thu Dec 16 21:09:21 UTC 2010

MCB TC Final Contract Awarded

Lansing MichiganDecember 7 2010A regular meeting of the State Administrative Board was held in the Lake Superior Room,

1st Floor, Michigan Library and Historical Center, on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at 11:00a.m.





KALAMAZOO — Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center — EnergyUpgrades & RenovationFile No. 641/10191.BDW - Index Nos. 36401 and 36402Low Responsive Bidder: Mavcon Services of Michigan, L.L.C., Kalamazoo;

$3,499,510.00Purpose/Business CaseThe purpose of this contract is to provide for the construction of heating and ventilationsystem upgrades, utility upgrades and renovation of the building interior.

BenefitThe State will benefit by reducing energy costs, obtaining budget savings by replacingaging equipment, and achieving safety improvements with onsite emergency electricalgeneration.

Funding46% Rehabilitation Services Administration20% ARRA20% Private Grant14% General FundCommitmentThe contract cost is fixed based on competitive bids. The amount of the contract iswithin the authorized budget.

RiskFailure to approve this contract will result in the loss of Federal American Rehabilitationand Recovery Act grant funds, private grant funds, and would result in the continuedenergy inefficiency of the existing heating and ventilating system.

Zip Code490081

December 7, 2010 No. 1711/24110 - 2:30 - FINALAWARD OF CONTRACT FOR

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