[nfbmi-talk] MCB's accommodations for the hearing impaired

Marcus Simmons marcus.simmons at comcast.net
Fri Dec 17 03:52:07 UTC 2010

Dear Larry,
Here is my experience with MCB's accommodations for the hearing impaired.
I requested a device that I could connect to my neck-loop for the hearing impaired on or about December 1st for the December 10th meeting. When I arrived, I was given a device that did connect to my neck-loop. The quality of sound was poor with a huge amount of static. I was promptly moved to the front of the room and the device was turned on to the "local amplification" mode. This was a lot better but could be improved upon greatly. There was at least one other person using a similar device and also complained about the static.
I guess I am spoiled by the equipment I experienced at the NFB National Convention. And can you imagine, they have a smaller budget than MCB!

Changing what it means to be blind,
Marcus Simmons, vice-president,
Western-Wayne chapter and a member of the board of directors of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
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Southfield, MI 48076-3069
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