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Thanks. I thought it might have had something to due with friends and 
colleagues and students at the center.

Regardless, this is simply a horrible tragedy. Trully sad.


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Greetings, the below release describes an extremely tragic event which took 
place in our community today.  We appreciate your
thoughts and  prayers as we go forward.  This story has been all over the 
local news and bloggers have already been making many
ridiculous statements about the blind.




December 17, 2010     Littleton, Colorado

Contact:  Julie Deden, Executive Director, 303 653-5987

Early this morning, three students of the Colorado Center for the Blind were 
waiting at a Regional Transportation District bus stop
at the Southeast corner of West Mineral Avenue and South Utica Drive in 
Littleton when a driver, headed north on Utica, lost control
of her car as she was turning east onto Mineral and then hit the three 
students, one man and two women.  Emergency personnel rushed
the three to Littleton Hospital.  The man later died due to massive 
injuries.  The women are in stable condition and being treated.
The Colorado Center for the Blind is not at liberty to release the names of 
the students or further personal information at this
time while family members and loved ones are being contacted.

"The students and staff of the CCB are in great shock and grieving," says 
Julie Deden, Executive Director of the CCB.  "Our love,
prayers, and tremendous sorrow go out to the family and friends of the 
student we have lost and we are praying hard for the two
women still in the hospital," continued Deden.  "At the Center, we are first 
and foremost a family and we will love and support one
another through this great tragedy which has struck us at a time of year 
normally reserved for joy and celebration," reflected

The three students were on their way to the Center for its annual holiday 
party immediately prior to a winter break.  The CCB has
requested assistance from Littleton city officials, and grief counselors are 
present at the Center to help staff and students
address this tremendous tragedy.  "We will do whatever is necessary to help 
our family through this difficult time," said Diane
McGeorge, Chairperson of the CCB's Board of Directors and herself a former 
Executive Director of the Center.

According to the Littleton Police, icy road conditions played a significant 
role in today's accident.  "Our students' blindness had
absolutely nothing to do with the accident," said McGeorge.  "Our entire 
community is reeling from this terrible incident," said
Scott LaBarre, President of the National Federation of the Blind of 
Colorado, the Center's chief sponsor.  "These students were
simply waiting for their bus like hundreds of thousands of other metro 
commuters on their way to work or school.  The breadth and
scope of this tragedy cannot be expressed in words," commented LaBarre.

For more information about the CCB, go to www.cocenter.org or call 303 
778-1130.  The Center has been offering independence training
to blind youth, adults, and seniors since 1988.

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