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Those of us at CCB and in the NFB Colorado community want to express our great gratitude for the tremendous show of love and support 
from throughout the nation.  I am sorry that  neither I nor Julie Deden can respond directly to all the messages directed personally 
to us.  There are just too many.  Regardless, your love and support have significantly helped us deal with this tragedy.

As many of you know, the student who passed away is David Nanney who came to the Center from Baltimore.  His wife and family have 
been dealing with this as strongly and courageously as any could imagine.  They have expressed how much the Center meant to David 
and that they will be grateful for the independence it gave him.  We will be having a memorial for David  when our students return 
in January.

The other two students are both in stable condition and still in the hospital.  Their injuries are serious in that both suffered 
several broken bones.  They will require varying levels of rehab and surgery.  However, both are expected to recover fully.

Again, we want to thank you for the tremendous kindness and love you have offered.  We will, of course, keep you informed as the 
information warrants.  We have had  quite a few losses in the NFB community this year, Ray McGeorge earlier this year and Priscilla 
Mckinnelly just recently, to name just a few.  The spirit of all who have passed lives strongly within  us, though.  As we look 
forward to 2011, let us not forget that spirit and continue to work harder than ever before to make tomorrow a better day for the 
blind of our nation.  From all of here in Colorado, we wish you the best of this holiday season and may peace be with us all.
God bless,
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