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HI Tonya,

I think you are talking about the  mobility aid that sendero group sells. 
There are other aids as well.

I haven't had much experience with one myself. The lazer canes are heavy if 
they are still produced and  expensive. Lots of women who are small boned do 
not have enough  strength to use one. I knew someone who could have 
qualified for one years  ago in Chicago. She was a superb  traveler with a 
regular cane but the laser cane was just to heavy for her to handle. Anyway, 
she really didn't need it.

I walk with my husband and Iuse my long cane--the cane is at least up to my 
shoulder or nose depending on the one I have at the time. I find it very 
handy in strange places. It has been my experience that I can find out 
things in the  environment that are difficult to figure out without the 
ccane--if there are trees nearby, chairs, tables, parking lots, driveways 
and all sorts of things that he may not tell me about. He is a  great guy 
but rather quiet. I have to ask when I hit my cane on something  what it is 
if I cannot tell. Do you have a long cane? You can get a free one every six 
months from the  NFB. The phone is 410-659-9314 and the web site is

I used to travel with one of those short canes that come up to the tip of 
your sternam. Well, I could still see a bit back then and I fell a couple of 
times with that short folding cane so after that I talked to a blind person 
at convention and got a long cane to my shoulder. It helped a lot and I 
didn't fall like before.
I was at a Memorial service at the church for a friend's son and I followed 
the crowd into the memorial garden. Well, I had this real long cane and 
after going down steps my cane located this rather deep hole. My  cane is my 
eyes and I don't step until I have checked things out with it. The pastor 
said-"That is where Tom (the deceased's ashes) is going. So you see those 
long canes can come in handy. When I was in Kalamazoo, they let me pick out 
the type and length of cane I wanted to use.
When Ihad my dog guide, I carry a telescoping cane to locate landmarks or 
teafch my dog a new area.  In this latter case, I would drop the harness and 
then heel the dog.
I don't know how others feel but some folks get good at clicking their 
tongue quietly to help them locate different things. I hope to get some 
training in this sometime. At any rate, you would still use a long cane.

Merry Christmas.


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> Hi, this is Tonya. I got a NFB question to ask all of you. What do all of 
> you guys think of traveling electronics like for example the vibrating 
> aids that you use to either hook on your cane or hook on the hand or I 
> mean, yeah, hold in your hand to let you be aware of moving objects so you 
> don't have to tap the person in front of you or you know stuff like that? 
> I'm just curious. Do those work and where do you find them because maybe 
> some time cautious about doing that, maybe that will help so that way when 
> I'm walking with Greg or somebody, he won't have to keep me so far back 
> you know? So you know, I just want to know what you guys think so you know 
> that way, because he's more cautious than I am and Gretchen, I'm not 
> complaining, I'm just trying to make it better. So anyway, let me know 
> what you guys think.
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