[nfbmi-talk] Thanks to NFB family

laschuck at juno.com laschuck at juno.com
Thu Dec 23 15:25:14 UTC 2010

   On Tuesday I crashed up my car, no injuries, my fault.  But I was 80 miles from home 
with three children ages 9 through 16.  I was in Dearborn.  I called Fred Wurtzel, who 
gave me Larry Posont's phone number.  When I reached Larry, we set it up so my car could 
be towed to his house. I went there too and felt right at home.
    The kids were taken to the Dearborn police department to get them off the freeway 
embankment.  A couple of years ago, we met another family from Dearborn through Donna 
Posont.  The Armstrongs drove to the police department to pick up my kids and their 
friend with them.  Then they all went to the Armstrongs to play and hang out.
    Eventually my wonderful longsuffering husband drove from Lansing to tow the car and 
take me and the kids home.  Larry fed him supper and they talked until the Armstrongs 
brought us all back to Larry's house.  If I hadn't reached Larry, I know other NFB 
friends in the area I could have called, the Simmonses, Donna, Sharon Kingsbury...so as I 
said it it so good to have you all as family.  Let me know when I can return the favor.  
In the midst of all the troubles over the blindness system in Michigan, let us remember 
how much we mean to each other and how much we can help each other in so many ways.  
Lydia Schuck

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