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Local Blind Man Shoots, Kills Deer - Health News Story - KTBS Shreveport

Local Blind Man Shoots, Kills Deer


Christmas Miracle

POSTED: 10:15 pm CST December 29, 2010

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>From the time he was a boy, Walter Hill loved to hunt and fish. But that joy was taken away 36 years ago when he lost his sight due to a job related problem.

It left him only dreaming of killing another deer.


But on December 16, 2010, the North Bossier Parish man's dream came true. He and his friend and spotter, Jay Harrison, were back in the woods with a rifle

with a special laser sight. After sitting in a deer stand for hours, the moment Walter had been waiting for was there. Jay let him know.


"He gave me a signal on my knee that the deer was there, I went to getting the gun ready, he grabbed the barrel and pulled it around and got the gun aimed

on the deer and told me to pull the trigger and we got the deer," says Hill.


Hill killed a 90 pound deer 85 yards away.


A blind person being able to hunt was made possible by a bill passed by the Louisiana Legislature and sponsored by Representative Henry Burns of Bossier

Parish.  It allows a blind person to use a spotter and a laser sight. Those are outlawed for other hunters.


In this case, Walter's scope malfunctioned, but Jay was there to help.


Two longtime friends shared the moment... something Walter hopes they can do again.

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