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Subject: What you can do for Christine Boone and the MCBTC 

Hello All,


Christine Boone, Director of the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center in Kalamazoo, is due to be hastily dismissed from her position as director on Thursday 2/4/2010; that's the day after tomorrow. In her short time as director, Christine Boone has made tremendous positive change to the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center. She has encouraged greater independence of center students, introduced new programs and policies, and has sought greater feedback and input from center staff members. She was well on her way to making the center a place where students are empowered through learning confidence and the skills of blindness. 


The situation surrounding her dismissal does not add up at all. There are many missing pieces and there appears to be a number of hidden agendas at work. I have posted the related news articles at the bottom of this email


I write to you today in hopes that you are in support of Christine Boone and the positive changes she has made at the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center. To show that support, I urge you to make a couple quick phone calls. And don't worry, they will really be quick because the people answering these numbers want to get off the phone with you as quick as they can! When you call these offices, you may want to simply state the situation  as you understand it. You may want to include the following points:


  a.. Christine Boone, Director of the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center is due to be dismissed from her position on Thursday. 
  b.. Mrs. Boone has made a significant impact at the training center and as a concerned citizen of Michigan , you feel it would be a mistake to let her go 
  c.. Encourage the Governor/Director of DELEG to examine both sides of the situation and encourage them to allow Christine's voice to be heard. 
  d.. Christine Boone can be reached on her cell phone at (269) 329-8500 or home at (269) 343-1959. She would welcome a call from the Governor, the Director of DELEG, or any of their staff so that she may discuss her side of the story. 

I have pasted below the two numbers to call. One is the governor's office and the other is the main number for the Department of Energy Labor and Economic Growth. If only one or two people call, there is no chance of this making a difference. If everyone calls, there is at least a chance for Christine's side to be heard. Please distribute this email far and wide. We don't have much time so don't think about it, just do it! 


Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth

Carolyn sparkie-Heading, Secretary to the Director

(517) 373-1820


Office of the Governor 

PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services



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Story 2



Story 3





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