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Minutes January 21, 2010.

Call to order, 8-30 P. M.

Mike Powell, John Scott, Nick Wilcox, Peter Zaremba, Dave Robinson, Marcus 
Simmons Matt McCubbin Don from Chicago

Quorum yes

Treasurer's Report $125 increase on top of approximately $2,400. $300 to 
dis400 more coming from Lansing chapter.

Secretary's Report Dave Robinson moved and Marcus Simmons seconded the 
secretary's report. It was approved by vote.

Committee Reports

Website Committee. Matt McCubbin states that the website committee will be 
addressed after Washington Seminar.

Fund raising Committee.

Membership Committee. Mike Powell says there will be a goal setting meeting 

Legislative Committee/Legislative Breakfast, March 4. Three possible issues 
are proposed for the legislative breakfast.  THESE include, quiet cars, 
access technology, and unemployment among blind people. The Legislative 
Committee is meeting informally on  Saturday, January 23 to discuss position 

Mcb/BEP Issues. Larry intends to write a letter protesting a lack of 
transparency in Commission meetings. A meeting about a blind vendor took 
place on Tuesday, January 19 without the individual being notified. The 
board is withholding information from the public. In hearings against blind 
vendors, the hearing officer is supposed to be rotated. This is not 
happening. The  vendor was even denied a demotion though there are eight 
unoccupied facilities. It is surmised that his former route will be combined 
with another   and that his dismissal was an act of convenience. There must 
be consistency in policy enforcement.

Discussion. They may be going back to the 20/20 proposal.

College policy January 29 meeting in Lansing.

Discussion--Saturday January 23 meeting. This meeting was canceled due to 
the lack of a place to hold it. It might be rescheduled for some time in 

Events at Camp Tuhsmeheta for the first six months of 2010.

Washington Seminar. Melinda Latham got money to take youth. She and Fred 
Wurtzel will be chaperones. Legislators have been faxed. Six kids and two 
adults will attend plus seven other adult members from Michigan. A Michigan 
caucus will most likely take place after the Great Gathering. An updated 
fact sheet stating the new president and board member information should be 
given to legislators. The possibility of commendation of legislators was 

Requests for reports to local chapters from people who attended Washington 

President's Report:

Email address:

presidentddnfbddmi at gmailddcom

President's Meeting in Baltimore in March, 2010.

A meeting with Pat Cannon might occur after he returns from vacation.

Report from Fred and Mary Wurtzel: "How to go to Hawaii on $50 per day??" 
Fred says, "Never come back!!"

 New Business. Dave Robinson will call chapter presidents to determine how 
many people are coming  to the February 20 Board meeting in order to have an 
accurate head count for lunch.

Adjourn 9:30 P. M.

Next Board Meeting, Thursday, February 4, 8-30.

Thanks for being involved in the NFB of Michigan. Together, we will change

what it means to be blind.

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