[nfbmi-talk] board meeting minutes February, 4 2010

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board meeting minutes February, 4 2010

 8-36 P.M. Call to order.

Quorum yes

Secretary's Report Dave Robinson moved and Mike Powell seconded the 
Secretary's report.

Treasurer's Report After Washington Seminar and rally expenses, the new 
balance is $1100. Marcus Simmons moved and Terri Wilcox seconded the 
treasurer's report.

Introduction of participating members.

Marcus Simmons, Bob Rehahn, Fred  Wurtzel, Mary Wurtzel, Nick Wilcox, Terri 
Wilcox, Dave Robinson, Mary Ann Rojak, Michael Powell, Elizabeth Mohnke, 
Dianna Mohnke, J.J. Meddaugh, Rex Berkett, Joe Sontag, Peter Zaremba, Matt 
McCubbin, Christine Boone, Ray Roverson Geri Wilcox, and Georgia Kitchen. 
Roxanna came late.

Committee Reports

Legislative Committee Legislative Breakfast, March 4, 8 a.m. until 
approximately 2 p.m.

Discussion--Work with chapter presidents to get people there. Limit 
presentations to legislators about over sight hearings of Commission for the 
Blind. Work on strengthening relationships with legislators. Invitation 
letters to legislators should be ready by the next board meeting in two 

Mcb/BEP Issues.

Discussion.--There was an extensive discussion about the firing of Christine 

Meetings with Levin and the Governor are proposed. A press release is also 
suggested. There is a pattern of attack from the Commission for the Blind 
against the Federation and those who speak out against the unjustness of 
what is happening. Legislators seem reluctant to address the issue. Protests 
will forthcoming.

Discussion. They may be going back to the 20/20 proposal which seems to 
stifle communication between the Commission and the public.

Put pressure on the Commission Board to discipline Pat Cannon.

Nfb has two positions on the Paq filled by Dave Robinson and Gere Wilcox.

Bep federal compliance. Action.--Dave Robinson,  Elizabeth Mohnke, and Terry 
Eagle will plan protests. Kalamazoo can contact media in their area with 
assistance from J.J. Meddaugh.

Larry Posont, Marcus Simmons, Gere Wilcox, and Mary Wurtzel can work on 
insisting that the Commission Board enforce just policy. It was suggested to 
start a vendors Nfbmi email list.

NFB Protest, January 29. It was  successful. There was less Tv coverage than 

expected. Gere reported that protesters were heard in the meeting room.

A letter was written to Andy Levin. Many people called his office on behalf 
of Christine Boone.

Letter to Jim Stokes, Governor's Appointment Secretary concerning future

Commission appointments.

Larry wrote a letter asking about future  appointments because of a future 

Discussion.--Update on College policy meeting held January 29. There are 
still unsettled issues like having extra forms to fill out as well as time 
lines for college. The Memorandum of Understanding language was strengthened 
but there is still no harm clause for the student. Graduate degrees were 
discussed and even Pat Cannon seemed vague on why a one year waiting period 
was in the policy. Another college policy meeting is scheduled for the 19th 
via phone conference. There seems to be a reluctance to focus on making 
positive changes. A new draft was passed out to Commissioners but no one 
from the Nfb has seen it.

Events at Camp Tuhsmeheta for the first six months of 2010. Dance February 

Technology Mid March.

How to succeed by Trying Mid April.

Gardening Mid May.

Washington Seminar.

Reports from members on Washington Seminar and youth program are postponed 
to the next board meeting.

President's Report:

Email address:

presidentddnfbddmi at gmailddcom

Next Board Meeting? The next board meeting has comflicts with the Elected 
Operators Committee but we think we should stay on the 20th. The next main 
meeting will be the 20th. The next board meeting will be Monday February 8 
at 8-30 p.m.

Adjourn at 10-36.

 Thanks for being involved in the NFB of Michigan. Together, we will change

what it means to be blind.

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