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Now I still don't have timely delivery of all documents related to my own case including:

IPE, authorizations, referrals and even the paperwork at my last two meetings was inaccessible.


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


July 3, 2002

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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To: P. Cannon, Director, MCB and advocates

Re: Records and Preferred Format


The following segment of the MCB Policy Manual is unambiguous. It clearly states that all documents (including my own records) will be made available in preferred alternate format including electronic. There is no limitation to the scope here.

It also states that the records must be maintained.

These things have not been done consistently in my case.

And these things again are the core to my complaints with MCB. They do go to my personal case.


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

Attached Segment from Policy Manual:


Standard print for the Michigan Commission for the Blind will be produced in 14 

point print in a font that is easily read (Arial or Courier fonts are preferred) 

with 1.1" margins. This is a reasonably large print and when documents are 

provided on disc it allows people using voice output devices to read without 

having to scroll off the screen. The Michigan Commission for the Blind will 

provide individuals with a choice of media for all documents generated for them 

or information from the agency. Choices will include standard print, large 

print, Braille, disc or tape. To the extent possible, the Michigan Commission 

for the Blind will also accommodate individuals who do not speak or understand 



Counselors/Teachers shall maintain a case file for each individual that has been 

referred for vocational rehabilitation services. That file shall contain all 

required documentation. This information, when generated by the agency, will be 

maintained by computer record in the agency computer system. Documentation in 

the form of a narrative should occur periodically based on the periodic 

assessment of progress developed in the Individual Plan for Employment or at 

other times as necessary to provide continuity of services and appropriate… 


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