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Subject: FW:Response to: foia Canon stuff and more 

Mr. Harcz, attached is the Department's response to your March 27, 2011 emailed FOIA request, received March 28, 2011.

This response has also been mailed to you.


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To: Haynes, Carla (DELEG)
Cc: Jo Anne Pilarski MCB, Chair; Larry Posont; lydia schuck; John Scott MCB, Commissioner; Joe Sibley MCBVI Pres.; John L Wodatch USDOJ; Cannon, Patrick (DELEG); mcb2020-L at LISTSERV.MICHIGAN.GOV; TOM MASSEAU MPAS
Subject: foia canon stuff and more


FOIA Canon Information FOIA


March 27, 2011

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI 48458


Carla Haynes, Michigan commission for the Blind


(via E-mail)


Dear Ms. Haynes,


I am writing you today to request via and pursuant to the rights and obligations of the Michigan Freedom of information Act and concurrent obligations under the Americans with disabilities Act and the rehabilitation act of 1973 the complete personnel file of Mr. Patrick D. Cannon, Director of the Michigan commission for the Blind(except for legally redacted information materials like social Security Number for example) , along with all salary and compensation for all State of Michigan activities and purposes of employment therein since he assumed office or directorship of MCB and any other State of Michigan employment considerations including his role as State of Michigan Americans with Disabilities act coordinator.


I am requesting specifically and at a minimum the following information:

-academic credentials

-pay and other compensation schedules over years

-any and all evaluations including those by the Michigan Commission for the Blind (board)

-all closed session minutes and records of the above listed item (re: bradlee v. Saranac Community Schools)

-all disciplinary records

(Again ref Bradlee and subsequent case law)

-all actions in courts of law, Civil Service Commission, or other administrative bodies, or quasi-judicial or judicial or judicial in nature in his personnel file

Again this request includes all public domain, and all adjudications public or private against him in his official capacity in courts of law or other quasi-legal or administrative jurisdictions

-any criminal cases or legal considerations against him

-any cases in which he testified or was subpoenaed or gave any legal and binding deposition under law in which perjury might be a consideration

-any signed document to which he affixed his hand in official capacity related to the administration of federal funds and assurances with the United States Government relative to same in his official capacity including contracts, or contracts  per se between the state of Michigan and the United States government including, but not exclusive of: the United States of America, Departments of Education, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of  Justice, or any other "third party pass through agreements" including all those of which Patrick D. Cannon affixed his hand regarding memorandums of understanding with various state of Michigan entities over his term as Director.


In other words, lest this is an exercise in futility I wish for any document signed by Patrick D. Cannon in his official capacity as Director of Michigan Commission for the Blind since his sworn and most accomplished role as MCB Director.


Moreover, I am now also officially requesting any documents by Ms. Jo Anne Pilarski, since she assumed the position of MCB commissioner and Chair of MCB, in her official capacity as same.



/Again, I wish for each and every requested document in accessible format. Finally I, as a person who is documented  as  legally blind am requesting that any and all, except for purely redacted, exempt information under either the federal FOIA and the Michigan FOIA request pursuant to concurrent obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Title II, subpart e, effective communications) and the relevant portions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("auxiliary aid and services"" request with no "surcharge"  for such accommodations that such remissions are made in a timely and accessible manner (re: Tyler v. Manhattan to name one case cite)).


To wit: I ask for all the requested information within 30 days in the format most accessible to me without charge for the accommodation. That format is to make the documents available to me as either Word or plain text attachments, or enclosures to my E-mail address listed above.


Reasonable redactions to the original request may be made as does the U.S. Dept. of Justice or other entities in these regards by simply xxxx out the redacted information. In other words I don't wish for Patrick D. Canon's social security number for example. And it can and should be easily redacted without making a federal or state case over other required information.


Any stalling or other violations of this request over quibbles will be attended to with all legal vigor and with the full force of law.


I thank you, as I have in the past for your, Carla Hayne's, prompt, courteous and accessible responses to such inquiries.


Most sincerely,


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


Cc: Office for Civil Rights, Ed.


Cc: Advocates for the Blind


Cc: MCB Commissioners

Cc: ACLU Michigan


Cc: Great Lakes Techinical Assistence Center

Cc: Governor Rick Snyder

Cc: Michigan Attorney General

Cc: Rheabiliation and Services Administration (RSA) (Craig McManus, MI Llaission, Lynnae Ruttledge RSA Commissioner)

Cc: several media and legal contacts.


P.S. It would be prudent to place upon the Michigan commission for the blind web site all requested information in a timely and accessible manner as a means of complying both with the letter and spiritt of this request for information along with all of the years of State Plan and other required information to.

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