[nfbmi-talk] replying to independence and cane use

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Hi Terri,

This is why I don't like peas, beans and some other stuff.  I simply cannot
stand them in my mouth.  Iused to get sick if I touched an ice cream cone,
or an apple.  oh, Pancakes with syrup would also make me sick when I was
small.  The pancakes were ok if they were dry, though.

I have a strong negative reaction if someone tries to put something in my
mouth without my ability to check it out.  I almost have panic.  Very weird,
but nevertheless true.

Warmest Regards,


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Congratulations Anna and mom. You go for it. I hated the way food felt in my
mouth until I was six. I would have gladly lived on milk, waffles, macaroni
and cheese, and peanut butter toast. I still have texture issues. I hate
anything cold, but my texture issues are much better than they were when I
was little.
Terri Wilcox 

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