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Here is information concerning Newsline Job Listings.

Providing Easy, Independent Access to Hundreds
of Thousands of Job Listings
Information for Those Who Serve the Blind

is a service of the
National Federation of the Blind
How the Job Listings on NFB-NEWSLINE® Benefit
Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
As a vocational rehabilitation professional,
you know that it is essential for
blind individuals to keep abreast of
news stories affecting their communities
and the industries in which they
work so as to be successful in their
careers. NFB-NEWSLINE® has always
provided print-disabled individuals
with the ability to be aware of news
and events important to their careers,
and with the groundbreaking provision
of job listings, NFB-NEWSLINE® is
equipped to be of even more assistance
to blind job seekers and those
who assist them in their vocational
goals. The ability of blind people to
easily access job listings is a crucial
part of reducing their current 70
percent unemployment rate, as access
to job listings is an integral element to
obtaining a job.
By making the process of searching and applying for jobs easier, NFB-NEWSLINE® is increasing
the independence and involvement of blind individuals in their own rehabilitation. Serving as
an active participant in this process is beneficial to both the customer and the vocational rehabilitation
agency and professionals. This tremendous resource enhances the customer's feelings
of ability and autonomy, which in turn helps them succeed in other aspects of the rehabilitation
process and in life after its completion. NFB-NEWSLINE®'s job listings aid the VR agency and
staff, offering a means for blind individuals to take on much of the responsibility of job seeking
and thus lessening the work load for the vocation rehabilitation professionals. Without the need
to search for openings, counselors have more time to concentrate on helping the customer
in decision-making and employment preparation. Finally, the job-listings feature is an asset to
completing the customer's Individualized Plan for Employment goals.
NFB-NEWSLINE® can serve as a critical partner in the achievement of a successful
outcome, and as a vital element in the partnership of counselor and customer.
How NFB-NEWSLINE® Helps Vocational Rehabilitation
Customers Discover Employment Opportunities
With the addition of content from a national job-classifieds provider, NFB-NEWSLINE®
subscribers can attain full independence in pursuing employment. Subscribers can conduct
searches for job openings in dozens of categories such as banking and education, and
if desired, can narrow the search to look for certain keywords within the listings. Further,
subscribers can search for listings with specific elements such as education level, desired salary,
and location, and can have several profiles, enabling multiple search types. Subscribers can
save their searches and request that a particular job listing is sent to them via e-mail; the e-mail
will contain the listing as well as a link that will provide a Web page with the position's application
form. Subscribers can also request that a secondary e-mail address be added to their
account, enabling them to send these listings to their vocational rehabilitation counselor.
How to Access and Use the Job Listings
Accessing the Job Listings
To access the job listings, call into the NFB-NEWSLINE® service (the listings are currently only
available via phone) and press "nine" from the main menu. This will take the subscriber into the
Job Listings Main Menu.
Establishing the Search Profile
To set up a search profile, subscribers enter the zip code from which the job listings are to
be culled, and then select the preferred category by pressing the corresponding keys (for
example, for education, press 22). Subscribers may then (if desired) enter a job search phrase
that narrows the job search for listings containing that word or phrase, and may also select only
those jobs that meet certain requirements such as salary and education level.
Using the Job-Listings Feature
As the listings are pulled dynamically on each call, subscribers get the most up-to-the-minute
search results. Subscribers can choose to save (or discard) listings for later access by pressing
"five" when listening to a listing, and navigation through the listings is accomplished by using the
"one" and "three" keys.
For the blind, searching for job opportunities is a hurdle to employment.
The NFB-NEWSLINE® job-listings feature helps them to reach the goal of
vocational success.
Additional Ways NFB-NEWSLINE® can help your customers
NFB-NEWSLINE® allows those who cannot read conventional newsprint due to a visual or
physical disability to access hundreds of state and national publications, enabling users to read
important news stories and have a better understanding of our world. In interviews as well as
on the job, having such access is essential to fully realized participation and success.
To learn more about NFB-NEWSLINE®, please visit To apply for a
subscription, individuals can fill out an application form on our Web site, write to nfbnewsline@, or call (866) 504-7300. In order to be eligible for NFB-NEWSLINE®, an individual must
be a US resident who is legally blind or has a physical or learning disability that prevents the
independent reading of newspapers.
For More Information about NFB-NEWSLINE®:
Call (main help line): (866) 504-7300
or to call staff directly: (410) 659-9314 and their extension
E-mail: nfbnewsline at
For questions regarding NFB-NEWSLINE® operations, please write to Scott White, who directs
the service, at swhite at, or call extension 2231.
Carylin Walton, NFB-NEWSLINE® specialist, can answer questions about eligibility, and can
provide general service information. She can be reached at cwalton at, or by phone at
extension 2333.
Bob Watson, NFB-NEWSLINE®'s content manager, can provide assistance with content issues
such as system problems and the addition of new publications to the service. Please e-mail
Bob at bwatson at, or call him at extension 2356.
Renee West, marketing and outreach manager for NFB-NEWSLINE®, can share ideas and information
about promoting the NFB-NEWSLINE® service to your potential and existing customers.
If you have marketing questions or require promotional materials such as brochures and
application forms, please write to Renee at rwest at, or call her at extension 2411.
Call us for assistance with the incorporation of NFB-NEWSLINE® and the job
listings into your customers' vocational rehabilitation process!

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