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Larry Posont president.nfb.mi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 16:27:28 UTC 2011

I wanted to send this out incase any of you were interested.
Larry Posont 
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about a new magazine coming out soon called Blind Ambitions magazine.  The subscription price for the magazine is $19.95.  It is going to be in email format.    Below you will find a summary of what the Blind Ambitions Magazine is going to be about.


Have you been searching for something that addresses your needs when it comes to blindness? Have you been seeking knowledge about answers to those burning questions to get you back to normal? Have you been looking for something that just catches your eyes? Blind Ambitions Groups introduces Blind Ambitions Magazine. A bimonthly publication, Blind Ambitions Magazine is stocked full of stories about people who are not only blind, but living and thriving at home, Work, and in public. We will have regular feature  articles such as Going to the dogs which addresses everything you wanted to know about dog guides like selecting your first school, working with your dog guide, veterinarians,  retiring your companion, and dealing with the grief of the death of your best friend.  Fitness, Health, and Happiness will provide articles on how to get in shape and stay in shape or getting back in shape and stay that way. In this feature we will talk about more healthy and nutritious meals that promote a better eating plan. And we get more active with suggestions on how to have fun and start living again after blindness. Our Spotlight on Employment features companies from around the country and the world who hired the blind and visually impaired. Hear about their first reactions to interviewing people with a visual impairment, how they were accommodating to the new employment setting, and where they  are today.   You will hear from employees about their work, their experience in dealing with issues on the job and how to get raises and promotions. There will be tips on writing resumes, searching for a job, and interviewing  for the career you have always wanted. From the Family perspective is articles written by Family members of someone who is blind. You will hear how they dealt with the feeling of learning that their family member was losing their sight. You will find out how they had to adapt their homes to make it more accessible to their family member. You will be given information about resources that assisted and educated them on how to help their entire family.   The Suggestion Box is a section that will allow you to send questions to us and all our subscribers   to find out answers to those things you always wanted to know or do or make. Write in and see if your question is selected for that next issues and see who responds to your thought in the future. Oh Sugar is a feature article which will address diabetes and anything related to this disease. You will be updated on the latest news on accessible products, meal planning and recipes,  as well as anything that will help you to live better with this disease. Our New Product Showcase will allow manufacturers and service providers to tell you about their latest items that are being introduced to the blind and visually impaired community.


If you are interested in subscribing to this magazine or would like a copy of the magazine when it becomes  available  so that you can look it over and see if it is a magazine that you would be interested in subscribing to or not please contact me at the following email  address Christine.chaikin at blindambitionsgroups.org  



Christine Chaikin

christine.chaikin at blindambitionsgroups.org

Blind Ambitions Groups

"We may have lost our sight, but we have not lost our VISION"





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